Fifty more signatures for JFK records petition

Since I last checked three weeks ago, more than 50 more people have signed the petition calling on the Obama administration to do its job and enforce the JFK Records Act by ordering the review and release of 1,100 CIA documents related to JFK’s assassination.

“This has been important to me since the summer of 1964,” wrote Theresa Mauro of Culver City, California, “when the Warren Commission Lie tried to pass off those stick figure drawings of the bullet’s trajectory, and I got this chilling feeling that I was being lied to by the Government of the United States, which was supposed to be guiding and protecting me.”

Thanks to the National Archives, we know specific details about

these records which indicate they are historically significant. Writing in Salon earlier this year, I described these files as “the Holy Grail” of JFK researchers. They include files on CIA officers such as David Phillips, Anne Goodpasture and Birch O’Neal who were familiar with the travels, politics and intentions of accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before President Kennedy was killed.

Along with the still-censored files of George Joannides, these records will likely shed light on CIA’s role in the events leading to JFK’s death.

2 thoughts on “Fifty more signatures for JFK records petition”

  1. I’m getting a bit tired of hearing from an agency that can plot to – and carry out the overthrowing of a nations government, or completely destroy it’s economy, or take the time to plan to poison someone with a freakin wetsuit, that they don’t have the time or resources to release 1500 documents in a year. Gimme a break CIA. When 2017 rolls around they will have another lame excuse. We need to push hard to get these docs now! 50 years is too long!

  2. 1)Not likely
    2)Probably,depending on content
    3)Who’s going to stop them?

    There is also the matter of what,precisely, constitutes a “JFK record.”

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