Former HSCA counsel Al Lewis dies

A faithful reader passed along this obituary of Al Lewis, former general counsel of the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA): Lancaster attorney, who died Monday, took part in JFK investigation – LancasterOnline.

Lewis, who died recently in New Holland, Pennsylvania, assumed the job after the first HSCA General Counsel, Richard Sprague quit in 1977, the victim of a well-orchestrated press campaign to undermine the effort of the Congress to re-open the JFK investigation. Lewis served in a caretaker role until former federal prosecutor G. Robert Blakey took the job.

From the obituary: “Lewis contended that the president was probably the victim of a Mafia assassination plot and, that while Lee Harvey Oswald was a gunman, there were probably two or three others shooting at Kennedy in Dallas.

“The audio scientific evidence was difficult (to understand), but there was so much circumstantial evidence from the audio, grassy knoll and witnesses that there is a likelihood there were another two or three shooters in Dealey Plaza,” Lewis wrote in a letter to the Intelligencer Journal in 1992.


12 thoughts on “Former HSCA counsel Al Lewis dies”

  1. Isn’t it astonishing that a State investigation into the assassination of the Head of State concludes there was probably a conspiracy. Then the State says ‘hey ho, life goes on’.

    Isn’t it astonishing?

    1. That’s right Eddy, certainly is that. It’s a step forward from the WC findings, but why we(US Gov’t)settled on that is just as you put it. It’s time to go far beyond “life goes on”.

      1. For all true believers in the Warren Commission the HSCA conclusions must seem like a stain on their beliefs. If you truly believed in the Warren Commission you would fight for an official correction of the official record to remove the stain.
        If you didn’t truly believe the findings of the Warren Commission, but believed the assassination was a justified means to an end, then perhaps you would leave things as they stand.

        How loudly do defenders of the Warren Commission call for an official enquiry to correct the HSCA?

  2. Cuban exiles did it trained in assassination by CIA and perhaps with funding from Mob. They wanted revenge for BOP and wanted to stop castro backchannel. also hoped LHO cover as castro sympathizer would force US to invade Cuba. They didnt count on coverup. and of course we didnt invade Cuba and stopped support of the exiles….

  3. Sounds like he reached the same conclusion as the HSCA and Blakey.
    U.S. Government conclusion of the last investigation: Four Shots. I.E. Conspiracy. Progress from the WC. Joannides would have probably stonewalled whoever regarding the CIA.
    Once upon a time I believed the MOB did it. I didn’t believe the Lone Nut Magic Single Bullet. The MOB is what most of the books at the time said (including Blakey’s own I believe though I never read it).

  4. “‘[B]ut there was so much circumstantial evidence from the audio, grassy knoll and witnesses that there is a likelihood there were another two or three shooters in Dealey Plaza,’ Lewis wrote in a letter to the Intelligencer Journal in 1992.”

    Nice to see a little common sense applied to this matter, and to see just what it leads to — multiple shooters firing from multiple locations.

    1. Always thought this very possible, that Oswald wasn’t the only gunman and that someone was at the grassy knoll. There is enough evidence, enough people testify that they heard shots coming from the grassy knoll. It’s possible that the gunmen weren’t all even aware of each other. It was an opportunity. Someone probably wanted to make sure, taking no chances.
      The Mafia is a real possibility. They had a motive as it had been said, they helped elect JFK and they were being betrayed by the Kennedy family. As attorney general, Bobby Kennedy was a threat to organized crime. Organized crime would have had the motive and the gall to carry it out.

      1. Max, you make an interesting point that the assassins weren’t(or may not have been) aware of each other. It’s hard to imagine, for instance any Cubans who may have been involved knowing who Mac Wallace was(LBJ’s hitman who many believe was on the 6th floor of the TSBD at the time of the shooting). Had Carlos Marcello ever heard of Mac Wallace? Interesting area of the assassination to follow up on.

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