Fidel Castro’s reaction to the assassination of JFK

“Everything is changed. Everything is going to change. The United States occupies such a position in world affairs that the death of a President of that country affects millions of people in every corner of the globe. The cold war, relations with Russia, Latin America, Cuba, the Negro question… all will have to be rethought. I’ll tell you one thing: at least Kennedy was an enemy to whom we had become accustomed. This is a serious matter, an extremely serious matter.”

via Fidel Castro Reaction to Kennedy Assassination in Cuba | New Republic.

18 thoughts on “Fidel Castro’s reaction to the assassination of JFK”

    1. No, Watergate was the consequence of Richard Nixon’s belief that if JFK could get away with shady tactics in 1960, Dick Nixon could get away with them in 1972. The “CIA got him” nonsense is right up there with the “dog at the homework” excuse.
      Real historians can see the parallels between the ” dirty tricks” of the Nixon White House and the campaign sabotage of Dick Tuck- the later getting away with activities that were clearly unethical if not illegal. As we now know the 1960 JFK campaign had a copy of Nixon’s psychiatric history- obtained by questionable methods.As they never made it public, it never became part of history during JFK’s lifetime-presumably as it could have caused a backlash that could have had a negative effect in a close election. But “Tricky Dick” got the message. Thus the Ellsberg break-in that set the stage for the whole sordid mess of Watergate; a mess driven not by any action of the CIA but by the self-doubts and insecurities of a highly intelligent but deeply flawed man.

      1. Photon-part of your statement makes sense, but Nixon was doing “shady tactics” before 1960, in his runs for Congress and Senate. Therefore, I don’t think Nixon felt “hey, Kennedy got away with them, so I can, too”.

      2. You think all those long-time CIA operatives involved in the Watergate break-in just made those mistakes out of amateurishness, that they didn’t know how to conduct a clean op?

  1. For Castro and the Russians, JFK’S brutal slaying by the CIA and others in good ol’ America was bad bad news. It destabilised the prospect of peace or the very least negotiation. We can see from just looking at the news today that the CIA is STILL operating beyond its remit and very purpose for its creation! Why do you think no president to date AFTER JFK’S death has cleaned out the CIA and taken them to task? Answer: You are destroyed.

    1. James December 12, 2014 at 8:02 am

      JFK didn’t “clean out” the CIA either. So why did they kill him? I’m betting they didn’t.

      1. No he didn’t, he didn’t get chance. He did say he was going to smash them into a thousand pieces and toss them to the wind though and started by firing the then head of the CIA. Then boom blown away. As always you are selective with the truth!

        1. You can add Richard Bissell & Gen. Charles Cabell to be turfed along with Dulles. Charles Cabell, as it happens, was the brother of Earle Cabell – mayor of Dallas in 1963.

          1. I’m aware of the timelines, thanks. Your web site hardly reflects the historical record, as much as you like to think it does.

          2. When was the article you cite published? Was it published anywhere other than on your own website?

            And are the “mainstream sources” to which you refer the sources footnoted in the article?

          3. The point is not Bay of Pigs, but its aftermath, starting with the cancellation of Operation Mongoose in the midst of the Missile Crisis and the JFK reaction against Cuban exiles and JMWAVE in March 1963, plus the steady progress in the accommodation with Castro in the double-track approach to the Cuban problem.

        2. James December 12, 2014 at 5:32 pm

          “No he didn’t, he didn’t get chance.”

          So we agree JFK didn’t clean out the CIA. Good, we are making progress. He had from 1961 when this “thousand pieces” crap got started until his death in November of 1963. More than enough time to clean out the CIA if that was his desire.

          But instead of cleaning out the CIA he used them to run Operation Mongoose in Cuba. This was a major operation although it was a flop despite the massive manpower and money given to it. Even had Bobby riding herd on the operation.

          Now that, James, is the unselected truth.

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