Fact check: WSJ errs on the ‘grassy knoll’

In her story today on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, WSJ reporter Ana Campoy makes a common mistake that deprives readers of needed context and detail.

In writing about the so-called  “grassy knoll” area in Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas where President John F. Kennedy was killed 50 years ago, Campoy wrote:

“Some conspiracy theorists believe a second shooter fired at Mr. Kennedy from a patch of grass in the plaza.”

This is sketchy and under-reported.  It would be more factual and precise to write:

“Between a third and a half of all eyewitnesses said they heard a gunshot fired at Mr. Kennedy from the area around a fence overlooking a patch of grass in the plaza.”

For more information:

Mary Ferrell Foundation on Dealey Plaza witnesses.

Professor John McAdams on how to sort out the competing claims.


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