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  1. The Moon Landing was not faked. All of this nonsense centers around the assertion that Stanley Kubrick did the moon shots in exchange for NASA funding for his film 2001: A Space Odyssey. Nonsense! Kubrick was never short on funding for his films, he was one of the premier film makers of his era.

    It is claimed that the huge rear screen used for the shots of the scene with the anthropoids and tapers had a seem in the middle because it was twice as large as any screen available. But there was no midline seem, Kubrick had the screens cut into odd sized and shaped sections and attached to a backdrop so that it all blended together with no seems being apparent.

    There is a lot of other confusion to do with missing video stock from the landing, that was also false. This material was later discovered and restored. remember, there was more than the first moon landing that had imagery beamed back to Earth. All of it was genuine footage.

  2. I don’t think the moon landing a fake. Far too many people involved and far too many things to do. The more people involved, the more likely something will go wrong.
    But why not believe it a fake, a conspiracy. Everything else is becoming a conspiracy. I’m even beginning to wonder about John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln assassination. Up until now it took only one man to pull the trigger. Usually in a shooting it takes one disgruntled man. If the reasons behind so much of the conspiracy ideas were so real, I would think every president would be assassinated. Yes, every President has upset a multitude of people. JFK was no exception. I really can’t imagine the CIA, FBI, Mafia, LBJ, etc. ganging up on poor Jack. With so many plots, like a spider web, something is bound to go wrong. It seems like a spy novel out of control. Where does it all end? If a moon landing is beyond being faked then how can an entire government system gang up on one man. They would be getting rid of every President. And at least one person in the conspiracy would have deserted……and an effort to foil the conspiracy would have taken place. The route changed at the last minute, etc.

    1. Anyone who thinks that the moon landing was a fake just doesn’t understand aviation or science. The moon landings were real, just as Lindbergh’s trans-Atlantic solo flight was real. Just as the 1965 Gemini docking of two spacecraft was real. The kind of people who doubt the moon landings from 1969-72 bring a new aspect to “lunatic”.

  3. Almost every person who thinks the moon landing was faked has a better understanding of the JFK assassination than huge swaths of the media and academia. Because every single one of moon landing hoaxers thinks the government murdered JFK.

    So who is more coo-coo crazy here? The poorly informed folks at the supermarket check out like who think the moon landing was faked … or someone like Chris Matthews (lone nutter killed JFK), Joe Califano (Castro did it), Bobby Ray Inman (Castro did it), Michael Barone (lone nut did it), Robert Dallek (lone nut), Robert Caro (not a “hint” of LBJ involvement). Name 100 more CFR types.

    The vast majority of Council on Foreign Relations commentators on the JFK assassination have an understanding of that event roughly equivalent to the moon hoaxers & the Holocaust deniers.

    The bipartisan elites have their own fantasies.

    I have noticed the media has started leaving out JFK assassination theories in their list of “crazy” conspiracy theories. The younger ones have been doing some reading and the older ones are still stuck in the mud.

    1. In the capacious annals of unconvincing JFK arguments, your ranks high Robert.

      Some subset of the people who have “good understanding” of JFK’s assassination also believe that the moon landing was faked. I notice that you wisely do not include yourself in their ranks. My view is that people the moon walk of 1969 was staged are not people who should be trusted on issues of large historical significance.

      They may be nice people, and they may have interesting things to say about the JFK story, but I hope, as a group, they will stay out of the JFK debate.

      1. I know of 2 JFK researchers who think the moon landings were faked: James Fetzer and Jack White (deceased).

        Both of these men have and excellent broad understanding of the JFK assassination: they think Lyndon Johnson, US intelligence and the outside shadow government murdered JFK for various reasons, both personal and ideological.

        Many quality JFK researchers believe that 9/11 was an inside job. I think there is almost no evidence to support 9/11 being an inside job.

        “Moon hoax” and “9/11 inside job” beliefs are straw arguments often used to attack some of the best, most knowledgeable JFK researchers.

        The flip side is one could easy say an establishment “lone nutter” is a crazy kook, the equal of a Holocaust denier, 9/11 truther or a moon hoaxer advocate… and thus should not be listened to on anything.

        I choose not to do that.

        I think it is best to judge each theory, argument and political researcher on their own merits and not use straw arguments as a basis for credibility.

        Ed Tatro is one of the best JFK researchers of all time as well as a careful researcher. I am not going to hold it against him that he is also a 9/11 truther, too.

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