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  1. Anyone who has hunted and killed animals, and has seen the Zapruder film knows the head shot was from the front. Oswald did not kill JFK.

  2. Did the FED plan and execute the coup that killed Kennedy? No.

    Does ANYTHING happen in this country that is not given the go ahead by the power elite who pull the strings? No.

    Was Kennedy confronting the money powers? Absolutely.

    1. Séamusín Reilly

      There are some pretty spot on comments in this thread. The idea that JFK was some sort of anti-fed crusader is silly. JFK was a tax and spend liberal. Just because he was fantastic on the National Security State (so fantastic that, well…) doesn’t mean that he wasn’t in bed with the new-left political agenda he grew up in. He was generally in favor of monetary activism, and the fed had no reason to want to see him out of the picture.

      I am also a Ron Paul guy, and I don’t know if Ron Paulites are just generally more skeptical of mainstream narratives or more comfortable with making our own informed analysis of facts, but I certainly believe that the case against LBJ, Dulles, Hoover, etc… For the purposes of salvaging the CIA, and personal ambition is pretty air tight.

      Quite a few reads lay the evidence out. Roger Stone, James tague, McCann, plus the history channels documentary (largely based on McCanns work) is ripe with quotes of insiders. Ohh yeah… Jackie Kennedy thought as much and its rumored that Bobby thought so too.

      Plus a classified KGB report. Put that in ur pipe.

      Hell, they have a damn finger print of Johnson’s own guy, right in the nest. Motive? Well Johnson is easy. Political ambition. Texas oil? Money. The CIA? Save the world from communism (they thought he was gonna go wobbly, and that if he did the whole world would be overrun)The mob? Cuz CIA. I actually think its silly that we still need to have this discussion. The case is pretty open and shut. Bottom line is, the “official” assassination story ain’t gonna change because governments are evil and never take responsibility for their evil. Hell, there have been presidents who dont buy the official story. Yet, if you read the wiki page, it reads like the damn warren commission. If congressmen, senators and presidents have all said that the official story is bogus, why would it still be the official story? The reason: Because if the country found the government killed Kennedy, it would lose all legitimacy.

  3. If one believes as I do that the assassination of JFK was a coup that had its beginning in the highest reaches of American power, one naturally seeks to understand who occupied the highest reaches of American power in the early 1960s.

    Fed Chairman William McChesney Martin certainly occupied a pinnacle of power.

    There’s no suggestion in the historical record he was connected to the assassination. But there’s also no question he was a member of the power elite.

  4. Hello Robert,

    I’m particulary interested in your comment that Ron Paulers are very well grounded in the facts about who assassinated JFK. I’ve been a Ron Paul supporter since 1999 and I have, for longer than I care to admit, done considerable research on the JFK assassination.

    It wasn’t until after reading “JFK and the Unspeakable, Why He Died and Why It Matters”, by James W. Douglas that I stopped asking who assassinated JFK and started asking why JFK was assassinated. If you haven’t read this book, I hope when your time allows you will take a closer look. The below link provides my brief and very humble assessment of Mr. Douglass’ book. It was was posted on Lew Rockwell’s blog back in June.

    Once again, your comment that Ron Paulers are well grounded in the facts about JFK’s assassination truly caught my attention. It just so happens, albeit for different yet similar reasons, I have very high regard for both men.

    My best regards,

    Donna Coe
    Park City, UT


  5. People who are “informed” about the JFK assassination who say that the Federal Reserve was involved are not “informed” at all. They are misinformed.

    The fact that many Paulites believe Lyndon Johnson was guilty of conspiracy in a legal sense–ie convictable by the unanimous verdict of a jury of his peers–is far-fetched. Twelve people might convict LBJ in a libertarian chat group but not among the public at large.

    I doubt very much that twelve people drawn at random would convict LBJ of conspiracy based on the available evidence.

    1. Most of the people (Paulites at a Ron Paul fundraiser) I talked to thought the CIA killed JFK. Lyndon Johnson ran in second. Mafia third. A few scatterings of the Fed. Ron Paul himself was the only person in the room to guess “Fidel Castro.” This was in 2009 – I am sure Ron Paul has probably moved into the government did it camp by now.

      80% of my sample thought some form of the government killed JFK.

      There are some Paulites who think the Fed killed JFK. But I am a Ron Pauler and I don’t.

    2. Jeff, I don’t pretend to be informed. But the Federal Reserve’s private owners, the bankers/Wall Street may well have supported his demise, financially and otherwise. JMO.

  6. “JFKFacts.org welcomes comments that are factual, engaging, and civil.”

    I happen to be a Ron Paul supporter. In fact, I was a key Ron Paul organizer in Austin, TX (a hotbed of Ron Paul supporters) in 2008 and 2012. Ron Paul got 23% of the vote in the GOP primary in Travis County (where Austin is) in 2012.

    I can say as a FACT that Ron Paul supporters are much, much, much more factually grounded in the JFK assassination than just about demographic group I know.

    In fact, at a Ron Paul fundraiser in 2009 here in Austin, I actually polled the audience, on an individual one by one basis, as to who they thought who murdered John Kennedy. I went to every table with a notepad and tabulated results of my question “Who killed JFK?”

    The overwhelming majority said the CIA, Lyndon Johnson and/or the government murdered John Kennedy. Almost no one said the Federal Reserve. A minority said the mafia. Perhaps 1/20 thought Lee Harvey Oswald a lone nut did it.

    Poor Ron Paul himself hazarded a guess “Fidel Castro” (with his blowback theory of the JFK assassination). Ron Paul probably has greatly changed his mind by today. In the 2012 primaries he said the US government had lied about the JFK assassination.

    Lew Rockwell runs a libertarian web page that often covers the JFK assassination. Most of the articles there are pretty good, including one that I written (an earlier versiion of “LBJ-CIA Aassassination of JFK.”)

    Yes, there are Paulites who believe the Federal Reserve killed JFK and, yes, that is a baloney theory. The greater majority of Paulites are much better informed on the JFK assassination, perhaps more so than any political segment of American society, except JFK assassination researchers themselves.

    They have figured out that the government murdered John Kennedy and covered it up.

    As for the “nutty” theories on the JFK assassination, just google the hilarious suspect views of any member of the CIA influenced Council on Foreign Relations for the past 49 years. I am referring to the views of folks like George Will, Charles Krauthammer, Jack Valenti, Bill Moyers name 100 other CFR members. The establishment CFR, besides the New York Times, is the #1 “nutty” source for disinformation on the JFK assassnination. Almost to a man they believe the beyond hilarious notion that a lone nutter killed JFK and he in turn was killed by a non-mafia related lone nutter for no apparent reason. A scattering like CFR Arnold de Borchgrave think Russians did or “Fidel Castro” like “Mr. Intelligence” Bobby Ray Inman personally told me.

    Bottom line: most Ron Paulers are very well grounded in the facts of the JFK assassination. The “nuts” are the ones in the bipartisan establishment that have been covering this up for 49 years.

    And, no, the Fed did not kill JFK.

    1. Charles Nicoletti shot JFK in his neck from the bookstore. The bullet exited his throat. James Files then shot him from behind the fence at the “grassy knoll” hitting him nears his rt eye and blew his brains out the back of his head. Files is in prison for another crime. Nicoletti & Files are members of the “mob”. I do not know who hired them but I suspect it was our shadow government because he refused to invade Cuba. Files, when interviewed stated that the USA makes the mob look like kindergarten. I agree.

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