Ex-congressman to CIA: get back to intelligence

In a letter to the New York Times, former New Jersey Congressman Rush Holt says the CIA should not be concerned about the prospective loss of air bases in Afghanistan from which the agency launches targetted assassination via drone strikes against suspected militants in neighboring Pakistan.

Holt writes:

“The Central Intelligence Agency should not be launching deadly military strikes. We would be better off if the C.I.A. returned to being an agency that collected and analyzed intelligence and stopped being a secretive paramilitary organization.”

Holt is former chairman of the House Select Intelligence Oversight Panel.

4 thoughts on “Ex-congressman to CIA: get back to intelligence”

  1. Hasn’t the CIA always been a secretive paramilitary organization launching attacks? It seems Holt is not up on the history of the organization.

  2. This is heartening and depressing at the same time. It’s great that someone still sees this problem, but it’s depressing that the problem has been the same and has been festering for over 50 years. Nothing will change unless the people of this country force it.

    1. Yes it does. Let’s see, how about a campaign slogan: “Truman-ize the CIA!”….”Truman-board the CIA!”……of course w/ JFK/CIA Files issue, “File-board the CIA!” is on point as well:)

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