The virtue of Vice

Matt Taylor of Vice nails the larger point about the court decision sparing the CIA from embarrassment on Capitol Hill and in Havana: “The intelligence community has arguably never been as important or powerful as it is now…”

“… when nearly everything anyone does during the course of a day can be classified as an electronic communication, and therefore is at risk of being monitored. The documents the CIA are keeping hidden may or may not be important — historians see value in having a look at the agency’s attempt to explain away the invasion’s many flaws — but this is yet another case of the president who swore to be more transparent when it came to the national security state as a candidate instead overseeing the expansion of its reach now that he’s the one wielding all that awesome power.”

via Why Is the CIA So Protective of the Details of One of Its Biggest Blunders? | VICE United States.

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  1. Judge Rogers noted in her dissent that Volume V has been described by CIA’s chief historian as a polemic of recriminations against those officials deemed responsible for failure of the Bay of Pigs operation. It is likely that this document is an airing of recriminations against the Kennedy White House by CIA officers involved in the operation. Retaliation against JFK for his handling of the Bay of Pigs has always been considered as a possible motive for the assassination.

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