Ed Sherry aka ‘Tree Frog’ passes

From a friend comes the sad news that Ed Sherry has passed away.

Ed was a founding member of the Coalition on Political Assassinations, the heart of the South Florida Research Group, and a prolific emailer.

RIP Frog

5 thoughts on “Ed Sherry aka ‘Tree Frog’ passes”

  1. Judyth Vary Baker

    I repeat here the tribute I wrote for this wonderful man at the Baylor University website, adding that Ed’s lung cancer had begun in his bladder: his death was a blow to me and many others…. THE QUOTE FROM http://www.baylor.edu/lib/poage/jfk/index.php?id=869037 “I knew Ed for almost fourteen years. Some of those years, he was secretly emailing me, and our relationship was unknown to others. It’s possible that his great friend Ed Tatro and I got on Frog’s general email list at about the same time. Though Frog and I only managed to meet twice, his advice and guidance meant a great deal to me. Over the course of years, Froggie sometimes sent ‘heads up’ messages concerning some of my critics. Friendly to all, nevertheless, he sent ‘eyes only’ messages that revealed to me who was unjustly criticizing me. He stayed neutral, to the outside world, concerning me, for a long time, but the messages kept coming, many of them revealing who could be trusted to treat me fairly. His knowledge –not only of the research community and their theories and prejudices– but also of the case, itself– he freely shared, after a few phone conversations where he satisfied himself with the answers I gave him. From then on, he was the most faithful and loyal of friends. He sent me books, photos and a jar of dirt from Florida, so I would not be so homesick! When Frog became ill with bladder cancer, we became a bit closer, and he and I worked out a protocol, including intravenous vitamin C, that along with the conventional treatment he received, for some time held his cancer at bay. Many ‘spots’ seen on x-rays vanished, and Ed would report on how he was doing. But by November’s conference last year, he was moody when we met (for only the second time). I had a heck of a time getting him to talk to me. Finally he did, and then I learned why. He gently admitted that he’d started eating sugar again and had stopped taking the vitamin C intravenous treatments, because he thought he had beat the beast. But now some of the ‘spots’ had returned. He was angry. He would fight it. When he stopped writing last summer, I feared the worst, but Living overseas, I could not call him. Because i was working hard on my new book David Ferrie: Mafia Pilot, several months went by. I finally sent an anxious email, only to learn from Ed Tatro that Froggie was facing his last days. I cried that night. Ed Tatro and Ed Sherry had been twin pillars of comfort, wisdom and integrity in my life, and now Frog was out of reach. I had given him a hug at the conference and told him to lay off the sugar…but knowing I’ll never get another email from this kind and loving man has made this a very hard day, indeed. Wherever you are, Frog, the polliwogs will miss you, more than you can imagine. Love, Judyth”

  2. John peter Gill

    I first me Ed Sherry back in 1999 at the Grand Dallas with Lancer,he was a wealth of knowledge on the assassination and a very interesting man,I then saw him the following year when I went to COPA for the first time where he asked me if I wanted to go on his mailing list which I said yes,he always sent me up to date material on what was going on in the community I think most of us in the U.K knew Ed with Dealey Plaza U.K. When I came to Dallas he would always great me and say proudly this one of my British friends,he was a quite and gentleman and like John Judge I will miss them,Dallas will never be the same to me again RIP my friend Tree frog.JPG

  3. Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko

    I have had the honor of being a friend to Ed Sherry. It is with heavy heart and numerous tears that I regret that I will not see his smile, hear his laughter and the battle cry DON’T GIVE UP, DON’T GIVE IN, KEEP FIGHTING. When I stepped away from public speaking to concentrate on healing he never stopped being there as a friend and a colleague. Mankind truly gave heaven our greatest treasure. Save a seat for me old friend.
    Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko

  4. Ed never needed or wanted the limelight. He was a quiet hero who provided valuable insight and updates to other researchers, including
    Gaeton, for many years. There is a great void in my computer without emails from Treefrog. I will miss our trusted friend.

    1. Christopher V. Pike

      Ed Sherry Tribute

      I encountered in in 2002 at the COPA conference. I soon learned that this gentle warrior was trustworthy, devoid of an agenda and boundlessly interested in helping me obtain information during my research efforts for the ensuing twelve years. I received emails from him, almost on a daily basis, pertaining to all manner of assassination-related topics and people, associated websites, breaking stories, op eds, blogs, user guides, government and nonprofit archive databases, assassination conference dates, book reviews, and obituaries – you name it!

      Ed was my gatekeeper and confidant who emboldened me and pushed me along in this genre more than any other being I knew. I am grateful that I could find him at the conferences and personally thank him for counting me in and for his spotless professionalism. Because of Ed’s generosity, I will honor his sharing anytime I encounter someone on the research trail as well. Even though that is the least that I can do, I am convinced that furthering his data sharing ethic is what he would have wanted most.

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