2 thoughts on “Duquesne conference to examine failure of JFK media coverage”

  1. I attended the Cyril Wecht Institutes 40th (2003) & 50th (2013) JFK Assassination Anniversary. After the 2003 conference I quickly brought the DVD set for I think $159. I told my friends to buy it because of the great speeches & major research. Mark Lane chewed out Senator Arlen Spector’s *** much to the applause of the audience Speakers such as the world famous Henry Lee, Dr. Michael Baden, Dr. James Starrs, Bob Tanenbaum, Josiah Thompson, Dr. David Mantik, Dr. Walt Brown, Jim Lesar and our own Jefferson Morley among others. This DVD set is now going for $60. I’m surprised they are not giving a double your money back. This is an outstanding price that I’m sure has a time limit. See HistoryExhumed.com For those who weren’t at the 2003 conference, who only heard about and those that want to know about it, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE.

  2. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    This Conference will certainly be having some noteworthy speakers Jeff, is there going to be a transcript of sorts? Or maybe a CD?

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