Download the complete ‘State Secret’ now

With the publication of Chapter 6, the entirety of Bill Simpich’s remarkable book “State Secret,” is now available for free at the Mary Ferrell Foundation website.

“State Secret” tells the story of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City in September and October 1963 in unprecedented detail and clarity.

I told this story, as it was seen through the eyes of station chief Win Scott, in my book, “Our Man in Mexico,”  but

now I must admit that, while my account is not wrong, it is not complete. Using documents that were declassified after I wrote my book, Simpich shows there was rather more going on than I knew.

Chapter 6 cover the aftermath of the assassination where the story of the CIA operations around Oswald was concealed from investigators and even from senior CIA official John Whitten.


3 thoughts on “Download the complete ‘State Secret’ now”

  1. I find some things a I knew personally but also the author make a big mistake….no identification Eusebio Azcue Lopez…..

  2. In fairness to Jeff Morley, Bill Simpich has reiterated that his efforts too are incomplete.

    Reading Our Man in Mexico, I was concerned that certain stones had not been turned; the fact that Win Scott was engaged on retirement with another CIA officer, Al Ulmer, was glossed over. Now that I read Simpich’s work, I understand: unless a name appears in CIA files, that person may often be designated ‘of no particular interest.’

    I disagree. Will anyone uncover (let alone recognize the signifance) CIA files relating to Win Scott and Al Ulmer? Ulmer to Frank Wisner? Wisner/Ulmer to Joannides/Athens? Wisner/Ulmer/McCargar/The Pond, private corporate interests? Ulmer’s retirement under the pay of Greek shipping tycoon Niarchos? Ulmer’s whereabouts on 11.22.63? Unlikely. Does that diminish the significance of facts? I don’t think so.

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