‘Don’t confuse me with facts’

John McCaa of WFAA-TV in Dallas voices a common complaint: Too many JFK conspiracy theories. He’s right about one thing. There are too many conspiracy theories, most of which are wrong. But he’s otherwise uninformed.

To say, “We can’t keep a secret in this country for five minutes, let alone 50 years. Anything new has probably already leaked out,” is factually wrong.

Justice Department lawyers appeared in federal court on Monday proclaiming their intention to keep 50-year-old CIA records related to JFK’s asassination secret. As we reported earlier this morning, the Kennedy family itself has at least seven JFK records that have never seen the light of day and are now the subject of litigation.

McCaa takes the easy way out to blame “conspiracy theorists” It is the U.S. government that is to blame for not producing a credible account of the crime.

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  1. McCaa has been in Dallas for years and has never had an original thought. Why expect one now! Guess who in Dallas pulls strings?

  2. The death of JFK was an obvious murder and cover up by our government/military/CIA and this was known a very long time ago. LBJ’s participation became more known in the 1980’s and 1990’s. The only question is do the American people and especially the elites have the psychological will to accept this.

    Read Vincent Salandria and Martin Schotze on this:

    1) http://spot.acorn.net/jfkplace/09/fp.back_issues/27th_issue/vs_text.html Vincent Salandria “False Mystery” speech.

    1. For myself, I’ll say I have the will to accept it. It’s all about the TRUTH. For instance, LHO was never proven guilty of the crime. That means, we really don’t know that he did it. The memo written by Katzenbach which said we must be led to believe that LHO was the lone killer-to me, that can only mean the real killer may well have been someone else. The innocence of this country was ruined after 11-22-63. I’d like to know what really happened to cause that.

  3. Shane, I saw someone with a reporter’s notebook there, who left after the Morley v. CIA discussion was finished (it didn’t appear he was going to stick around to hear the other cases), so something may eventually show up in the news or the blogosphere.

  4. If the attitude of John McCaa is representative of the news media in the USA then I can certainly see how the intelligence community could keep a secret for 50 years.

  5. I would add “JFK and the Unspeakable” by Douglass, “Conspiracy” by Anthony Summers and “The Last Investigation” by Gaeton Fonzi to the list.

  6. ^ Good call, Bill. A dedicated thread of recommended reading would not be a bad idea. Here are some that I consider essential:

    Oswald and the CIA, 2008 ed., John M. Newman
    Enemy of the Truth*, 2012, Sherry Fiester
    Deep Politics ll, 2003 ed., Peter Dale Scott
    Our Man In Mexico… 2008, Jeff Morley
    Wilderness of Mirrors, 1980, David C. Martin
    JFK and Vietnam, 1992, John M. Newman
    Nexus, 2012, Larry Hancock
    Brothers, The Hidden History of the Kennedy Years, 2008, David Talbot

    *Truly astonishing analysis in the form of applied contemporary forensic disciplines by an experienced and knowledgeable Senior Crime Scene Investigator and expert in Crime Scene Reconstruction. Regarding the shooting itself, I believe this is the progress for which we’ve waited.

  7. To anyone who says there was no conspiracy to kill the president because “someone would have talked,” I tell them to read Larry Hancock’s book “Someone Would Have Talked,” which details the story of John Martino, one of a number of individuals connected to those who killed JFK who did talk, and expressed foreknowledge of what happened at Dealey Plaza.

    1. It’s not only a matter that someone didn’t talk but that at least one soul didn’t abandon the conspiracy with a lot of damning evidence.
      It is tempting to believe in a conspiracy. A very small contained one.
      It is tempting because this is really a nice site with a lot of nice well informed people.

  8. “We can’t keep a secret in this country for five minutes, let alone 50 years.”

    Well, in a sense he’s spot on the money. He’s saying, ‘someone would have talked.’ Although, more to the point, somebody needs to start listening.

    Is it a case of being willfully uninformed, or genuine ignorance?

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