15 thoughts on “Dog bites man: blowhard hijacks Republican party”

  1. For whatever reason, the Washington Post story on Robert Morrow could easily be the rock soundtrack of the year. Somebody at the WaPo got very excited. Probably about all those politicians having s-e-x.

    1. S-e-x Sells. And prurient fascination with politicians’ sex lives sells absolutely.

      Robert Morrow claims that he is calling out the hypocrisy of politicians when in fact he’s little more than a verbal exhibitionist who has been using the Kennedy assassination as a backdrop, tantamount to stripping and running across the Texas Memorial Stadium spewing adolescent vitriol. How ironic, Robert Morrow who allegedly deplores the US invasion of Iraq for instance, resorts to his very own “Shock and Awe” tactics.

      If he said “google it” once he said it a dozen times in his recent “raw” interview. What is the price, Robert? JFK assassination research will now suffer, and as Gayle Nix has suggested, lest we speak out loud and clear, Morrow will have set the effort to expose the assassination conspiracy back by 20 years.

  2. I’ve read a lot of his posts the last few years and responded to a few of them. Usually in the vein of LBJ was involved in the cover up, he may have been involved in the set up from a distance, e.g. Dallas connections, but he was not the mastermind.
    Until Tom posted about it in the comment of the week on another thread here I never knew he was despicable, nuttier than a fruit cake.
    Yet the Republicans of Travis County elected him.
    They sure made a statement.
    But I’m not sure what of, idiocy, disarray?

  3. I am the chairman elect of the Travis County Republican party. The neutered gerbils who oppose me have no legal recourse to stop me. The people have spoken!

    I will be delivering major political truth to the masses in my 2 year term, such as: Lyndon Johnson/CIA/Texas Oil murdered John Kennedy.

    And yes I might be discussing at length the sex lives of any *hypocritical* Republicans that I learn information about.

    I am also a co-author of The Clintons War on Women, the definitive expose of the Hillbillies.

    1. “The neutered gerbils who oppose me have no legal recourse to stop me.”
      ~Robert Morrow

      That is astonishing news Mr Morrow! You say that you are being opposed by rodents? Do these creatures speak any human languages? Have you heard them speaking yourself?
      Have you had a psychological examination recently?

      Are there any rodents in the Travis County Republican party? Perhaps rats the size of cats?

    2. “…no legal recourse to stop me.”

      I think you’re gonna have to expand your definition of the above. Soon, you’ll find that you’re not in charge of anything.

    3. Are you doing coke or meth? A public official calling someone a douchebag? Look in the mirror. A reporter not saying the N word is cause for concern? It is a matter of respect for other human beings. Which you obviously have no concept of.
      You remind me of not a story about a golden egg but a rotten one.

  4. For a while, no JFK thread anywhere on the Internet was complete without Robert Morrow posting his list of the 50 or 60 things everyone needed to read about the JFK assassination, including things like “Google ‘LBJ/CIA Assassination of JFK’ by Robert Morrow.” I always got the impression that if you ever met Morrow, the first thing he would do would be to recite that list.

  5. Robert, Robert, Robert. For those not in the know, Robert Morrow (who is not the Robert Morrow who claimed he’d met David Ferrie, etc) is a prominent proponent of the LBJ-did-it crowd. He was a long-time member of the Education Forum, and was a pain-in-the-rump for its administrators, including Tom S and myself. For some strange reason, every thread he started–whether it be on JFK or LBJ–ended up discussing their sex lives. Someone (I think it was Tom) then discovered that prior to his interest in the JFK assassination (and JFK’s and LBJ’s sex lives) Robert had been similarly obsessed with the sex life of Hillary Clinton, and had followed her around on the 2008 campaign trail.

    Looks like he’s finally found a home among the Trump crowd. At least until he realizes Trump is also interested in s-e-x.

    1. Roy W Kornbluth

      Guys, guys, guys. Let’s take it easy on our good bud Robert Morrow. We have to admit he’s 99% right about LBJ. Re: prurient interest and resultant shaming of the sanctimonious VIPs like the evangelicals and “conservatives”, they have it coming. Yeah, who cares about Bill and Hill’s s-e-x lives, but she’s the biggest war-monger of the bunch (her mentor is Henry Kissinger, the worst war criminal of out time), so she still has it coming since we’re not allowed to mention her slavishness to the neo-con and Zionist parties.

      It’s the nature of the beast, JFKA research, to have some outre. Sure we have the kind and considerate types, the Leslie Sharps, the Bill Kellys, the Ronnie Waynes, the Charleses (of England), the David Regans. (btw, where are Charles and DR lately? Maybe they’re on vacation.) BUT you have to admit that the Morrows, Whittens, Kornbluths, the wisenheimers and screaming mimis — point out the neglected fact.

      If the Comedy Gods put Drumpf in the general election, it will cause a record turnout to vote against him. Over at Ed Forum, Douglas Caddy has a great theory that RM and his mentor Roger Stone are trying to destroy the GOP. Then the Dems. “The chickens are coming to roost,” says Caddy.

      And if Hillary’s on the fall ticket opposite the Donalt, it will be the second third party candidate elected president. Abe Lincoln, 1860, was the first; actually four parties because Dems split into North and South, the new Republican party, and the last gasp of the Whigs.

      True joke: At the height of the Vietnam War, Ralph Nader asked his father if he thought we need a third political party. His dad said, “I’d be happy with a SECOND political Party.”

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