Do you like “The Continuing Inquiry?

I do. On Facebook, check out JFK-The Continuing Inquiry.

By way of background, “The Continuing Inquiry” was the name of a mimeographed newsletter about the assassination of President Kennedy. It was published by  an irasclble Texan named Penn Jones. He died in 1998.

Chris Gallop, a paramedic in Burleson, Texas, has taken up Jones’ standard. He has created a fine Web site–check out the very intelligent photo galleries. His Facebook page is dedicated to the continuing inquiry into JFK’s death.

2 thoughts on “Do you like “The Continuing Inquiry?”

  1. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    “JFK-The Continuing Inquiry” an informative page, with more presentation and debate than arguements. Chris (page and website originator) has a good head on his shoulders and is in genuine pursuit of fact finding and collecting legitimate evidence. That alone deserves honorable mention.

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