4 thoughts on “Did the CIA spy on the U.S. Senate?”

  1. Andrew Everett

    It seems the CIA, the Pentagon, the President and the executive branch can all act with IMPUNITY. Last year, Dick Cheney wrote a book which openly discussed using torture and illegal renditions. Then CIA attorney John Rizzo wrote a book which covered these subjects as well. Both of them even did book publicity tours with plenty of interviews.

    Seems the CIA has plenty of time to approve these insiders’ accounts–but anything which exposes the TRUTH must wait to be released…

    How Upside-Down is the system when it openly allows the approved propaganda to be distributed for $39.95 while the TRUTH is put on ice for 50 years or so???

  2. Nothing will come if this. Covert ops against the US Senate would be a clear violation of their jurisdictional authority. The CIA would never engage in covert domestic ops. Yes, the last sentence was facetious. I predict Senator Feinstein will issue a statement saying this is all just a big misunderstanding.

  3. This is a very dangerous and disturbing report. The facts remind one of the CIA’s relationship with HSCA during its investigation of the JFK assassination.

  4. Considering that intelligence agencies have been running blackmail operations on politicians for many decades, I’d say the answer is yes.

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