Did right-wingers actually celebrate JFK’s murder?

Yes. In Biloxi Missisippi, for example.

In  Addicting Info 

“Those sympathetic to the John Birch Society celebrated for a short period after the assassination. Then the upswing in public mourning made it unacceptable to celebrate in the wake of his death. In Biloxi, MS, for instance, the John Birch Society headquarters there had a local university student Thomas Hansen chew them out for their banners of celebration. They then shoved him through the front door glass and had him arrested for vandalism. Public shame had the charges dropped, and Mr. Hansen sported the scars from the glass door as a proud badge of honor.”

The author, Nathaniel Downes, says Hansen was his stepfather.

I would love to hear other accounts of Kennedy’s death being celebrated and any news coverage or commentary on the same.


via Addicting Info – John Birch Society – Original Tea Party Anti-American Group Had Role In Kennedy Assassination.

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  1. Having lived and covered news on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, which includes Biloxi, for several decades, I can attest that not everyone who lived there at the time of JFK’s assassination was a supporter. I also doubt everyone in NYC was either. There are racists everywhere, unfortunately. However, I spent many hours as a young journalist reading newspaper files from that time, and I do know there was extensive public mourning by many residents. Anyone who knows the Mississippi Gulf Coast knows that it is unlike the rest of Mississippi, with a large percentage of its residents including immigrants who arrived to work in its seafood factories around the turn of the 20th Century when Biloxi was known as “The Seafood Capital of the World.” These people were predominately Democrat and Roman Catholic, and on the evening of Nov. 22, they filled many of the Catholic churches to pray, according to the local newspaper’s accounts. As to colleges, there were others nearby besides Tulane. There was Springhill College, the oldest Jesuit College in the Southeast, to the east in Mobile. There was also the University of Southern Mississippi 90 miles to the north in Hattiesburg. There was also the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, located next door in Gulfport. Oh, and there was also a military college on U.S. 90 in Gulfport, which shut down in the late 1960s or early 1970s to the best of my recollection. There is an interesting tidbit re Oswald and Springhill College in Mobile. Oswald’s first cousin was a priest at the college, and Oswald visited him there in September 1963. While there, LHO spoke to at least one class about his time living in Russia. This was reported shortly after the assassination, and at least one history book of Springhill College recounts details of his visit.

    1. On July 27, 1963, Lee was invited by his cousin, Eugene Murret, to speak at Spring Hill in Mobile, AL.

      Thanks to the preservation of his handwritten notes for his speech, we can get a glimpse of his train of thought, other than the mundane description of life in Russia he shared with his audience.

      He noted; “Americans are apt to scoff at the idea that a military coup in the U.S., as so often happens in Latin American countries, could ever replace our government. But that is an idea that has grounds for consideration.”

      “Which military organization has the potentialities of executing such action? Is it the army with its many conscripts, its unwieldy size, its scores of bases scattered around the world? The case of Gen. Walker shows that the army, at least, is not fertile enough ground for a far right regime to go a very long way.”

      “For the same reasons of size and disposition the Navy and Air Force is also to be more or less disregarded. Which service then, can qualify to launch a coup in the USA? Small size, a permanent hard core of officers and few bases is necessary. Only one outfit fits that description and the U.S.M.C. is a right wing infiltrated organization of dire potential consequences to the freedoms of the U.S. I agree with President Truman when he said that ‘The Marine Corps should be abolished.'” — “Notes for a speech by Lee Harvey Oswald,” Warren Commission Exhibit 102. WCH, vol. 16, p. 441. mcadams.posc.mu.edu/speechnotes1.htm

  2. Hopefully I’m not just creating a distraction on this subject but instead of wanting to see this man dead, why wasn’t impeachment considered as an option? Or making certain that he wasn’t re-elected? Was something very immenent? Or did someone just want to make a definite statement? This must have gone beyond impeachment somehow if it was an inside job, planned by a government agency for instance. And for people to actually celebrate speaks louder than words.

  3. “Hatred of Catholics led some to cheer JFK’s assassination”

    “On Nov. 22, 1963, my home state of Mississippi was, like every other state in the South, solidly Democratic. And yet, according to my American History teacher, who was standing before a class in Columbus that day, when the intercom blared that President John F. Kennedy, a Democrat, had been assassinated in Dallas, her students responded with applause.”


  4. I forgot to add this important nugget about “rightwingers” celebrating the murder of JFK. The Murchison family of Dallas, LBJ insiders, was absolutely euphoric about the death of JFK. Clint Murchison was tied into both LBJ, who the Kennedys were destroying in the fall of 1963, as well as in business with LBJ’s right hand man Bobby Baker, who was leading news headlines with his legal problems in the fall of 1963.

    The Irish maid of the Murchisons was in grief of what had happened to JFK, but not her bosses!

    Meanwhile at Clint Murchison’s home, their family maid May Newman describes the scene: “The mood in the Murchison family home was very joyous and happy. For a whole week after like champagne and caviar flowed, every day of the week. But I was the only one in that household at that time that felt any grief for his assassination.”

    Ernestine Orrick Van Buren was the longtime secretary of Clint Murchison, and here is what she had to say about the LBJ-Clint Murchison relationship:

    “Clint was in La Jolla during the Democratic Convention in Los Angeles, in July 1960, and he avidly followed the proceedings on television. The avalanche of superb organization which gave John F. Kennedy the nomination on the first ballot was a huge disappointment. When the word was flashed that Lyndon Johnson had accepted the vice-presidential spot on the Kennedy ticket, Clint Murchison listened in cold disbelief.
    In December 1963, soon after Lyndon Johnson became president following the assassination of John F. Kennedy, there was a soft rap on the bedroom door where Clint was napping. It was Warren Tilley, butler at Gladoak Farms. “Washington calling, Mr. Murchison. The president [Lyndon Johnson] wants to speak with you.
    A brief silence followed. Then through the closed door came the muffled voice of Clint Murchison. “Tell the president I can’t hear him.” Clint resumed his nap.”*
    *Virginia Murchison Linthicum Interview, September 20, 1980
    [Ernestine Orrick Van Buren, Clint, pp. 317-318]

  5. When Bob Dylan was looking for Dealey Plaza and the first few Dallas pedestrians couldn’t direct him to the spot, Dylan was perplexed, and then finally found a pedestrian who directed them to the site and said, “You mean where they killed that son-of-a-bitch?”

  6. It’s anecdotal that in Dallas, every married white woman, when talking with her friends on the phone, was convinced that her husband either did it or was in on it—the hatred for President Kennedy was that bad among the white men in Big D. Their murderous fear and loathing of JFK’s politics was compounded by his good looks, even his full head of hair, that women gushed over.

    1. Roy Kornbluth, I can attest to having been witness to the dynamic you describe, both the suggestive winks and the gushing over Kennedy’s dynamism. It left an imprint on my life and brought me here.

  7. Two kinds of partying 11/22/63: open and hidden. The first was immediate and short-lived. All over the country many white men burst out laughing because they hated Kennedy, especially that so many women loved him in a movie-star way. All throughout the deep South there were car horns blowing, esp. at the high schools, some at the colleges.
    The hidden celebrating is the more vicious kind. At first it was knowing looks and winks, like the smile and wink that LBJ and Albert Thomas gave each other at the former’s swearing-in. Later, the fascists confined their glee about the coup to private parties. In Claire Connor’s Wrapped in the Flag, her paranoid (for good reason) father got the word out, “Say nothing about this blessed event. The Commies (all but the most rabid Nazis) will be looking for scapegoats.” But they wet their pants laughing in private with their sad-sack psycho buddies.

  8. [Jeff:] “I would love to hear other accounts of Kennedy’s death being celebrated and any news coverage or commentary on the same.”


    The pattern, the underlying current -which continues to this very day- is undeniable. See for instance this video:


    All we have to do is replace the part in minute 0:49 with

    “Yes, racist students, you have to tolerate the Catholic man in the White House”

    plus, it is Jackson instead of Biloxi, a mere 150 miles away … and 150 years of distance from civilized society.

    New York Times:



  9. I should re-read before posting or watch JFK again at least but was not Guy Bannister celebrating? If memory serves…they went to a bar to watch the news on TV, Bannister in a celebratory mood.
    Then he pistol whipped Jack martin (?) for remorseful comments and possibly stealing files, putting Martin in the Hospital ???

  10. The founding *meeting*of the JBS was in Indianapolis. The HQ was in Belmont, Mass. from 1958-89. I don’t think they typically had local headquarters buildings-the accepted practice was to meet in the homes of members. They did, however,have a number of American Opinion bookstores.


    Belmont was the home of the headquarters of the John Birch Society from the organization’s founding in 1958 until its relocation to Appleton, Wisconsin in 1989.

  11. Nathaniel Heidenheimer


    However, probably not as much as Noam Chomsky and those allowed to mention JFK in OSTENSIBLY “left” publications. OSTENSIBLY.

    When will JFK Facts deal with the portrayal of how ostensibly left websites and magazines portray JFK’s policies. There is a very large story there.

  12. As a grade school student in the south I remember my parent’s and my teacher’s grief. Years later I asked my parents what they remembered, and they both described their disgust at people in town who openly laughed at rejoiced at JFK’s death.

    1. A 200 mile daily commute makes no sense for a college student.
      The points are these #1 -there was no Birch headquarters in Biloxi.# 2-there is no evidence that there was even a Birch chapter in Biloxi. #3-the Birch society did not publish the Dallas fliers nor take out the ad in the Dallas paper as claimed.#4- where was this Birch office in town? # 4 what ” local university” did Mr. Hansen attend if there are none ?

      1. Well Photon there are actually other colleges within a 50 mile radius of Boluxi.

        > Virginia College, 920 Cedar Lake Road, Biloxi, MS

        > Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – Keesler Center, 500 Fisher St, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, MS

        >Tulane School of Continuing Studies
        Located in Biloxi, in the Edgewater Mall near Keesler Air Force Base, this campus offers a state-of-the-art facility

        As per the WANTED ad for Kennedy, do you propose these were printed by the Democratic National Committee?
        Gen Walker was certainly a Bircher, and I would assert that he and H. L. Hunt were principles behind the flyers.

        1. Virginia college was not in existance in 1963.
          The Tulane Continuing Studies Biloxi campus was started in 2002.
          MGCCC is a junior college.
          There was no local university in 1963. This story is bogus.

          1. Correction accepted Ms. Photon, however even this detail set straight does not prove your argument that this story is BS, as you say.
            There was a college in town, and this fellow may have attended that college – “university” or not and still be characterized as such by folks that didn’t have a sophisticated grasp on the vernacular of higher education.
            Also, while it may seem improbable to you that this student would commute to a more distant school, you still cannot prove it is impossible. It is equally as possible that this student went to Tulane and lived with family nearer by.

            But the bottom line to this whole issue is that there were most certainly red neck hateful bigots that would be openly joyous at the news of Kennedy’s death. Many still were years later while I lived in the south, and I would posit that many still are yet today.

            You argue against that which is blatantly obvious.

      2. photon, Are you serious? As one who commuted 125 miles in 1965 to attend a regional university I challenge you to find an expert that would claim people in the South did not commute long distances to attend university in the time period in question. Your comment is further indication of a disconnect from the reality your fellow Americans experienced.

        Prove to all that the Birch Society did not have an office in the Biloxi area – one that any from the region would have perceived as a “headquarters.” You know nothing of their vernacular.

        Are you prepared for a discussion related to the inspiration and namesake of the John Birch organization, particularly as he was from the Deep South and by standards, “just up the road from Biloxi?”

        HL Hunt, the major funding source of JBS in Dallas paid for the fliers that propagated a sermon by First Baptist Church pastor and patriarch WW Criswell derisively denouncing the Catholic faith of John Kennedy; Weisman was the ‘beard’ sent to the Dallas Morning News to purchase the black border advertisement; JBS member HL Hunt also wrote a check to cover a portion of the expense for that ad. After the assassination, HL Hunt allegedly “fled Dallas at the behest of the FBI out of fear of reprisal” … my question is, given the general climate in Dallas, who might have reprised Hunt and why did he seek refuge in the Hay Adams Hotel in DC rather than any number of private havens at his disposal?

        photon, I challenge you to go down this very specific rabbit hole with me.

          1. You’re grasping at straws. My own commute was on a two lane that was in the process of being converted to four. I don’t know what conditions Mr. Hansen (not Mr. Downes) encountered but your presumptions are silly. He may have in fact traveled dirt roads to reach the university. What is your point here, photon? Are you suggesting that Hansen or Downes made this story up, or did either of them simply misremember the incident – Hansen picking glass from his skin or Downes seeing the scars? Can you explain why you engage in these tactics? Were you a member of the JBS?

            The discussion was focused on the reality that some members of the John Birch Society fomented hatred and celebrated Kennedy’s murder. You’ve drawn attention to a road system.

      3. Photon, of all the silly nitpicking things to argue about, this has to be at the top.

        A local university student just means a local kid who is a university student. It doesn’t imply that he is a student at a local university, it means that he is a local who also is a university student. It might not be the best writing, but it isn’t complicated.

        And now you — who always try to come across as a voice of tired experience — are trying to deny that there were racists in the south in 1963? Oh my.

        This is a very sad attempt to reflexively argue about anything and everything.

          1. Photon, no idea what that question means.

            I just read that 40% of Alabamans voted against allowing interracial marriage in the year 2000. But there were no racists in Mississippi in 1963. Sure.

  13. Clarence Carlson

    From the Delta Democrat Times, Greenville MS, 11/24/63: “But the reaction to the presidents death was not entirely one of consuming grief. At least one local school child is reported to have applauded the somber news and many parties were held here and elsewhere Friday night”.

  14. It’s been a while and I’m not sure where I read of it (maybe John Davis or one of the other Mafia did it books?) but…
    Santos Trafficante supposedly met one of his Lawyers in the bar of a hotel he owned in (?) Miami for drinks that evening to celebrate.
    He was toasting the event and saying things disgusting enough the Lawyer’s date left.

  15. Having disparaged “skookerG” I’m not sure what prompts our host to revisit the topic of the JBS that she introduced to him privately, let alone linking again to the exact Addicting Info she provided. In the recent Koch thread on this site, any who intimated there is the possibility that certain members of JBS might have been aware of plans to assassinate Kennedy are relegated to a “conspiracy theorist peanut gallery.” Yet now it seems that JBS piques our host’s interest. Under these circumstances, I refuse to contribute what bit of research I have done on the society or my personal experience of its expansion and regional influence in the Texas Panhandle (not far from where the Koch family established their financial and political footing as rabid anti-communists), except to say that I have direct knowledge of the political agenda of JBS primary funding source, the Hunt family in Dallas. A mea culpa offered to ‘skookerg’ would go a long way in my book.

    Somewhat related to celebrations, I was in Bryan-College Station on April 5, 1968, home of Texas A&M University and now the GHW Bush Library. That Friday morning the assistant to the president of the bank where I worked came sailing through the front doors ‘dancing a jig’ in mock celebration of Martin Luther King’s death. No One in Authority at the bank admonished her to stop. At lunch, I a junior employee challenged her because my best friend, a coworker, was African American and I believed the woman’s behavior to be offensive to put it mildly. The following Monday, I arrived at work to find the flourishing plant I kept on my desk had been decimated. Nothing compared to being shoved through glass, but a psychic assault nonetheless.

  16. What John Birch ” headquarters” was in Biloxi? At the time I believe the headquarters was located in Indianapolis. Has there ever even been a chapter in Biloxi?
    What university did Mr. Hansen attend? There were none in Biloxi in 1963 . Any independent confirmation that this incident ever took place? How about some evidence that there were celebratory banners hung anywhere in Biloxi. Exactly where is the evidence that the John Birch society had anything to do with the fliers distributed in Dallas or the newspaper ad? Where is the evidence that the Birch society had anything to do with the assassination, as claimed by Mr. Downes?
    This story is BS. It fits the stereotype of the stupid Mississippi bigots who had to be right wing fanatics and must of been happy at JFK’s murder. Unfortunately Mr. Downes picked the wrong Mississippi town to place his episode-he obviously had never been to Biloxi.

    1. “What John Birch ” headquarters” was in Biloxi?”~Photon

      If you understand the structure of the Birchers, you know there are chapters, and these chapters may have what are termed local headquarters, and meeting halls.

      Already discussed is the distances to Tulane as well within reason for a commute from Biloxi.

      And if you have ever been to Mississippi, as I have, then you have to be joking to think that there were not stupid right wing bigots that would be overjoyed to have learned of Kennedy’s death.
      I happened to live in the south in that era, from 65 to 67, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, south Texas, and later Georgia.
      I have never met more bigoted and racist people in my life. These people are still fighting the Civil War!

      I know the difference between a plain old Yankee, and a “Damned Yankee” while living there, told to me straight from the mouth of one of these southern bigots. “Yankees are just passing through. Damned Yankees are those who come to stay.”

    2. photon(s):

      Clearly you know nothing of the region named in this personal account.

      The inference was clear: the ‘headquarters’ of the Biloxi or regional chapter. We all know that JBS HQ was in Indianapolis, as was the founding headquarters of the American Legion that happened to have scheduled their national conference in Dallas for summer of 1964. We also know that Indianapolis is the home of the federal general accounting and distribution for defense dollars to private contractors; we also know it is the home of United Student Aid Funds founded by Richard Cornuelle, one time exec. director of the National Association of Manufacturers, the grandaddy of the John Birch movement.

      In that (Biloxi) region, the vernacular “local university student” could mean anyone attending school from New Orleans all the way to Georgia.

      Even I am surprised by this: “Exactly where is the evidence that the John Birch society had anything to do with the fliers distributed in Dallas or the newspaper ad?” JBS stalwart H. L. Hunt personally funded the distribution of the sermon of First Baptist Church pastor and patriarch WW Criswell in the form of fliers; he also wrote a check to pay for the black border campaign. Do you argue they were one and the same?

      Yours is a tactic adopted by Jean Davison on this site: “they must surely be mistaken in their recantation of their direct and highly personal experience.”

      1. “Yours is a tactic adopted by Jean Davison on this site: ‘they must surely be mistaken in their recantation of their direct and highly personal experience.'”

        I’ve asked you before, Leslie. Stop putting words in my mouth. If you want to criticize what I say, that’s fine, but please quote me verbatim, not your reworded version of it. Is that too much to ask?

        1. Jean, asking for a specific example is fair, denying my general inference is an entirely different matter. Which are you doing?

          Are you saying you have never asserted that witnesses are [frequently] mistaken in their recollection of their direct and highly personal experiences?

          Jean Davison
          April 23, 2014 at 12:30 am
          “I don’t think the reason Barrett gave for not mentioning the wallet until years later makes sense, but his silence required some kind of explanation. Psychologists have found that when people form a false memory, AS I THINK BARRET DID [emphasis mine] they will often rationalize (unconsciously make up details) to fill in the gaps. Here’s a brief example I found online — right side of this page:
          And an article by memory expert Elizabeth Loftus.”

          Jean, the record on this site reflects that a debate ensued related to Loftus’ credentials which include “The New School for Social Research,” and I pointed out to you the close relationship between New School and Adolf Berle, the esteemed statesman who provided legitimacy to an otherwise highly illegitimate programme of experimentation conducted under the guise of the Human Ecology Fund.

          Being an unwitting defender of experiments in mind control is one thing, propagating the manifestation of those experiments is another matter entirely.

          1. So, Ms. Sharp, once again personal attacks from you based on nonsense.

            Are you actually suggesting that quoting Loftus means I’m somehow connected to Adolf Berle and something called the Human Ecology Fund? That I’m unwittingly defending or propagating “experiments in mind control”?! How silly can you get?

            Are you aware that guilt by association is a logical fallacy?


            If you doubt that witnesses are often mistaken about their “direct and highly personal experiences,” maybe you should educate yourself. You might start by Googling “memory reliable” and see what comes up. Page after page of articles saying the opposite, that memories are frequently NOT reliable:


          2. @Jean Davison:

            “…that memories are frequently not reliable:…”

            Even with the understanding that we are all guilty of cherry picking witness statements based on the needs of the moment, I am struggling with your last comment. Please do not interpret the following as a personal attack, but I believe a direct question is in order.

            Has the newly emerging re-evaluation regarding the reliabilty of eye witness statements in any way affected your interpretation of the JFK evidence? If your answer to me is no, therein lies the aforementioned struggle.

          3. “You might start by Googling “memory reliable” and see what comes up. Page after page of articles saying the opposite, that memories are frequently NOT reliable”~Jean Davison

            I would be careful with this line of thought Ms Davison, it is a double edged sword (a gladio) which can cut both ways.

          4. Consensus Recollection Prejudice

            “Consensus Recollection Prejudice:” I would describe this as recollections tainted by intervening subconscious absorbing of the views of others throughout the years between the event and recall.
            I would propose that this can account for the consensus of many witnesses to the head wound said to have been seen at Parkland. Again, the parietal protuberance area of Kennedy’s head was not seen at Parkland because Kennedy was on his back on the gurney. No one lifted his head or disturbed his position as they were involved in trying to save his life.

          5. Photon,

            Qui gladio ferit, gladio perit.

            “Who kills with a sword dies by the sword.”

            The word is either ‘gladius’ or, ‘gladio’, and both have been proper translations from the Latin for centuries.

          6. Now Photon, and all here,

            I mention the term, “Gladio” for a dual purpose.

            I would like to know who here in this forum is familiar with the NATO Operation Gladio, as a ‘stay behind’ operation designed to create a ‘strategy of tension’, ostensibly as a covert war against ‘Communism’, but is in fact a method of destroying the fabric of sovereign nations, eg, part of the agenda of creating “The New World Order”.

          7. I believe that you presented it as a nominative case, not dative.
            See the Roman soldier’s instructions to the wall vandals in “The Life of Brian”.
            Pax tecum .

          8. Photon,

            Bicker less on the term “Gladio” and address my question as to “Operation Gladio”.

            Are you familiar with it? If so, why are you loath to discuss it?

          9. @Jean Davison

            In light of the fact that one of your most frequent laments is that other posters decline to address your direct questions, I am very disappointed that you haven’t answered mine, Jean.

          10. Willy Whitten: “I would like to know who here in this forum is familiar with the NATO Operation Gladio”

            I Am! What do you want to know? (I jest.)

            Seriously, the suggestion, or better the illusion that events in 1962-63 occurred in a vacuum is one of the greater impediments to uncovering the conspiracy; in my view it is further indication that ‘a skilled magician’ was in charge of the cover up.

          11. John R,

            “Has the newly emerging re-evaluation regarding the reliabilty of eye witness statements in any way affected your interpretation of the JFK evidence?”

            The unreliability of eyewitness IDs of strangers has been known for a long time, I think. I’ve never given a great deal of weight to, for instance, Brennan’s ID of Oswald. (Neither did the WC, by the way.) I believe Brennan’s ID was correct only because of the circumstantial and physical evidence against LHO.

            But yes, I have less confidence in the certainty of witness IDs and memory than I did in the beginning. I believe Duran’s ID of Oswald because her testimony is well-supported by a good deal of other evidence. E.g., she said she gave him her phone number, and her name and number were in Oswald’s address book. She ID’ed the application form with his photo that was provided to the HSCA by the Cuban government. Those who doubt he was there, please explain the photo on that application.

            Duran described him as “blond” but as I understand it that term is used in a different sense in Mexico — meaning light brown or auburn, in contrast to the more common hair color there, dark brown or black.

          12. Leslie,

            Thank you for addressing the issue of NATO’s Operation Gladio. The situation is also current, in that Gladio B is now operational, and has much to do with the Western military aggression in the Middle East. Turkey has taken over as headquarters for Gladio B. Whereas Greece was the center during the so-called Cold War.
            The ‘Strategy of Tension’ is now global, as NATO is no longer simply a “North Atlantic” military alliance, and now includes the Middle East, and military goals in the Pacific.

            This story goes all the way back to the The Anti-Comintern Pact, and stirs into Project Paperclip. Showing that history isn’t past, it sits on our shoulders in the here and now. Rather like the military coup d’etat in Dallas that is the genesis of this blog.

          13. We are clearly following the same or at least a similar trajectory; Gladio was never shut down but rather morphed through various critical time periods. A highly successful infrastructure would never have been dismantled. It would simply take on a new face. (for another discussion, I hope you know something about The Pond.)

            I’m particularly interested in the period that Greece served as the center for Gladio because I posit it represents a strong thread to Jeff Morley’s discovery of Joannides’ role in the torpedoing the HSCA. I’ve introduced this in the past; Wisner, Karramessines and Al Ulmer were piggy backing one another in and out of Greece at the time that Joannides, of Greek lineage, was recruited from either a Greek publication house or library or consulate – the facts aren’t at my fingertips(. There is another military character who was clearly a part of Gladio but whose name completely escapes me – who spent a good deal of time fomenting one of the coups in Greece. I will go digging and share it; you may recognize the scenario.

            The point is that there is no way that these people are not tied in with one another and that Gladio lurks in the shadows as the glue that held them together. (I think there is an agent named McCargar in this research – he and Ulmer served together in Eastern GR.) And I take it further to speculate that Al Ulmer’s relationship with Win Scott – CIA in Mex City — must be closely examined. Why would they go into business together in retirement (DiCoSe) if they had not shared a past. Clearly they were connected if not through a close friendship. a common ideology, or perhaps an off the books operation? From there, we can study Ulmer’s whereabouts on 11.22.63 which is for another discussion.

            I’ll take up NATO in another comment. And I hope we can discuss James Critchfield, liaison between Gehlen (Paperclip) and Allen Dulles.

          14. Well Leslie,

            The Gladio network was actually broken in Italy with the exposure of Propaganda Due or P2, a Masonic lodge operating under the jurisdiction of the Grand Orient of Italy from 1945 to 1976. That the lodge was headed by Licio Gelli. This network went far beyond Italy, but also had ties to the Vatican bank.
            It is so complex, that addressing it in a few posts here will just be the tip of the iceberg.
            But if you are familiar with the Godfather films, much of that script ties in with the reality of what was once an Italian mob, which morphed into ‘the Syndicate’, when the Italian Mafioso were neutered by assassination or consolidation into the larger program.

          15. Willy, yes, I’m fairly well versed in the history of the P2, Banco Ambrosiano, IOR, Calvi, and Michelle Sindona in particular as I followed his business career in the States closely. Corporate genealogy for lack of a better term has been my focus for years, and he surfaced in the ’70’s – the Franklin Bank deal was a highlight but he also bought or fronted for those who bought big shares in Chicago based Libby McNeill – and the interlocking relationships with AmeriCares/the Knights of Malta in particular intrigued me. The research went from there, crisscrossing the looting of the US savings and loan industry.

            You’re right, attempting to discuss this topic via soundbites is frustrating.

            However, one bit on NATO you may or may not be aware of; the first US Ambassador to NATO in Paris was William Draper, Jr. Draper was a resident of Mexico City until late 1962 (with Mexican electric). and returned to the US to head Combustion Engineering, one of the earliest nuclear energy corporations. He was also one of the first venture capitalists along with partners Gaither Rowan – a founder of the Rand Corp and retired Major Gen. USAF (and Rand trustee) Frederick Anderson – both of whom also served as ambassadors to NATO. Any who have studied the money behind all four Bush presidential campaigns will recognize the Draper name. Wm Jr. was a skilled magician, btw.

        2. Jean, are you relying on the likelihood that those currently engaged in debate on this site are not cognizant of claims you have made in the past?

          For instance, you stated in 2013 that people “will often rationalize (unconsciously make up details) to fill in the gaps.”

          Yet now through some convoluted method of logic you argue:

          “A witness’s physical description may be inaccurate and yet they’ll recognize the person when they see him. Duran recognized Oswald’s picture on 11/23 . . . . She told the HSCA she was certain that the individual she dealt with was Oswald, whom she identified as the person in this photo she’d stapled onto his application…”

          How do you rationalize this thought process? Who are we to believe Jean? the person who makes up details to fill in the gaps or the person whose physical description may be inaccurate but can recognize a person’s picture [a photo no less!] when they see it [months later no less]? You can fool some of the people all of the time …..

  17. I do not think celebrate is the correct description, but the following is from The Washington Times in 2006 related to David Harold Byrd, owner of the Texas School Book Depository Building in 1963, describing his display of the alleged “sniper’s window”:

    “Mr. Byrd told friends, including the president of the Dallas Morning News at the time, that he had quietly removed the southeast corner window and briefly stored it. Later he displayed it in his home, where it became the centerpiece of many social gatherings.”

    Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2006/may/02/20060502-103326-3519r/?page=2#ixzz3R42KNTTh

    1. Odds of Lyndon Johnson being involved in the JFK assassination: 100%. Odds of his very close buddy Col. D.H. Byrd being involved: 99%.

      Byrd also employed LBJ’s persona hit man Malcolm Wallace and owned the TSBD and could land his airplane at the LBJ Ranch anytime he wanted to when LBJ was president.

      Heavy insider buying in LTV stock by LBJ insiders DH Byrd and James Ling in Nov. 1963 in the weeks before the JFK assassination. Major defense contract awarded to LTV in January, 1964, paid for out of the non-existing 1965 budget:


      Go to footnote #49

      49. In early November 1963, Byrd and his investment partner, James Ling, made a significant insider purchase of stock in their defense industry investment, LTV. Although required by SEC rules to report this insider purchase, they delayed doing so until well after Kennedy’s assassination. Then in January LTV received the first major LBJ defense contract from the Pentagon – for a fighter plane designed for Vietnam. Cf. Joan Mellen, “The Kennedy Assassination and the Current Political Moment

      Another good article relating to Byrd: http://www.acorn.net/jfkplace/09/fp.back_issues/17th_Issue/rambler3.html

      1. Nice to see Harold “Dry Hole” Byrd being discussed. He went hunting in Africa while the assassination happened. Founder of the Civil Air Patrol (see Oswald, Ferrie, New Orleans). Member of the Dallas Petroleum Club with GHWB, George De Morenschild, H L Hunt, Clint Murchison among others.
        Always seemed odd how Oswald got a menial job in his building a few weeks before the assassination. In spite of the official story, then again I personally question Ruth (and Michael) Paines testimony and statements. Then there is Roy Truly’s refusal to discuss the matter with his family the rest of his life.

        1. Col. DH Byrd was also a close personal friend of Gen. Curtis LeMay who described the Kennedys as “cockroaches” in his LBJ oral history.

          And there was a notorious Air Force General identified by his peers Col. Fletcher Prouty and Gen. Victor “Brute” Krulak at Dealey Plaza: Gen. Edward Lansdale who btw was a protégé of former CIA director and Warren Commission manipulator Allen Dulles.

          If you think I am implying the involvement of these folks in the JFK assassination, along with LBJ, I am.

          Many folks don’t know this but Oliver North has publicly said that he modeled himself after Gen.Edward Lansdale. The out of control 1980s foreign policy of Iran-Contra meet the out of control foreign poicy of the JFK assassination.

          Oliver North said in the 1980s that he was “Lansdalized.”

      2. I have the greatest respect for Peter Dale Scott. However I see some elementary gaps in his research, as I address here:

        “I raise these disparate examples to make it very clear that a repetitive use of deceptions as pretexts for war does not by itself prove a common authorship for them. These deception events do not flow from some kind of master conspiracy, but rather a predictable sociodynamic that occurs when the leaders of an expansive quasi-democratic state are persuaded there is a need for war, a need which they know their public will not understand. I shall return to this point in my conclusion.”~Peter Dale Scott

        This paragraph is dubious when one considers that there is extensive evidence of such a master conspiracy in the open literature. And that accounting for this “predictable sociodynamic” as a planned agenda involving interlocking directorates of members of powerful organizations, have actually designed this ‘predictable sociodynamic’. [See: Bernays, Quigley, Sutton, et al.]

        And consider the meme of “design masquerading as diagnosis”.

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