Dick Russell on Richard Case Nagell

This is a helluva story that always left me scratching my head. Russell, perhaps best known as Jesse Ventura’s wordsmith, can explain it better than anyone.

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  1. Quentin Schwinn

    The first edition of The Man Who Knew Too Much was the first modern book on the assassination that I have read. I got it from the public library in Lorain, Ohio sometime in the later half of the 1990s. It opened my eyes and started me on a long journey of inquiry that has been absolutely fascinating and terrifying at the same time. A second book I got from the library at the same time was Oswald and the CIA by John Newman. These two books together were pivotal in my journey for the truth. I am now reading the second edition and it is still priceless.

  2. Near minute 59′ Dick Russell mentions Antonio Veciana’s “in his deathbed” confession. It is clear that Mr. Russell is not a JFKFacts reader.

    “Reports of my death have been widely exaggerated”

    -Antonio Veciana

  3. Nagell told Russell that Oswald was involved in a plot to kill JFK. To which I say baloney.

    The man buried in Oswald’s grave has never been shown to be a member of any plot. That man was a remarkably solo operator. Sylvia Odio’s story of the three visitors to her house might cause one to believe the man known as Oswald was a conspirator, but it’s easier to believe the “Oswald” who visited Odio was an Oswald look-alike.

    The story of Nagell causes me to believe he was delusional. Not to say the CIA or the KGB wouldn’t have use for such an individual.

    1. You don’t have credibility among people that do deep research. Heads of 3 letter agencies are insane and Trump isn’t too well either.”The world is run by insane people with insane agendas” John Lennon

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