Declassifying JFK: a judge’s view

Federal Judge John Tunheim will speak Thursday in Stillwater, Minnesota, about the challenge of declassifying government records related to the death of President Kennedy, according to the Forest Lake Times. It is rare opportunity to hear from the leader of the last effort to force the government to make public long-secret JFK records.

From 1994 to 1998 Tunheim served as chair of the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB), an independent civilian panel that reviewed and released more than 4 milllion pages of records that had been kept secret.

The ARRB uncovered many important JFK records including the Operation Northwoods file, a Pentagon plan to use deception operations to provoke war with Cuba. The ARRB also took sworn testimony from medical personnel involved in JFK’s autopsy, which revealed that photographs taken at the autopsy are no longer found in the government’s collection of autopsy records.

The Final Report of the ARRB documents its major findings.




3 thoughts on “Declassifying JFK: a judge’s view”

  1. I think that people should challenge Judge Tunheim, who as chairman of the Assassination Records Review Board, previously kept a neutral position, saying they would release the files and let people decide for themselves what the truth is. Now he says he believes Oswald killed JFK by himself to achieve fame, even though he denied the deed. Tunheim should be educated to the facts about Oswald, that there’s strong evidence that he wasn’t on the Sixth Floor at the time of the shooting and was set up as the Patsy, just as he claimed. But most significantly, Tunheim should call for Congressional Oversight hearings on the JFK Act and the release of the remaining sealed records, since the final determination can’t be made until all the facts are in. Educate Judge Tunheim.

    1. Where is the evidence that Oswald was a patsy? Where is the evidence that Oswald wasn’t on the Sixth Floor? Unsubstantiated comments like these seem to continue to pop up without anything posted to back them up. Why would a patsy leave virtually all of his money and his wedding ring on his wife’s dresser as if he would never come back, yet continue with his normal workday schedule? Obviously he knew something was up-yet did nothing to alter the outcome. What “patsy” would ever do that?

      1. The evidence Oswald wasn’t on the sixth floor is:

        – No one going down the stairs saw him in the stairway after the shooting, although there were people going down the stairs. I believe one of them is named Victoria Adams, look her up.

        – Oswald was seen downstairs shortly before the shooting by Carolyn Arnold.

        – Oswald was seen downstairs shortly after the shooting, not out of breath, and looking calm, by Officer Baker as well as shortly after by reporter Pierce Allman, who had both rushed inside after the shooting.

        – Some people have said they saw someone moving on the sixth floor when Oswald was already downstairs sighted by the above.

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