Decades later, three former JFK investigators sue the CIA

Ed Lopez, former JFK investigator, has some questions


“It was time to fight one last time to ascertain what happened to JFK and to our investigation into his assassination,” [Ed] Lopez, who is now the chief counsel for a school district in Rochester, N.Y., said in an interview.

He is joined in the effort by two other former investigators, researcher Dan Hardway and G. Robert Blakey, the panel’s staff director.

via Decades later, seeking to shed light on CIA’s conduct in congressional inquiry of JFK assassination – The Boston Globe.

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  1. What is incredibly suspicious is why the body of JFK has not simply been exhumed and why have the Kennedies not ordered this? Science has massively progressed, we have DNA testing etc. It sees utter madness and monumentally suspicious that this has not happened. Its another thing that makes me wonder about the other Kennedies and why they never seemed all that keen on getting to the bottom of the whole assassination mystery. Can anyone throw light on this?

  2. Pretty interesting stuff. Mr. Blakey agreed that he was not aware of Baden’s comments and would ask about it when he had a chance. In a follow-up letter to Mr. Blakey I also put it the same way: I I underscored it like this:

    ‘ IF Baden’s sources are correct then it creates a serious issue. For example: What was turned over to Evelyn Lincoln. Why was the brain not allowed to ‘harden’ in the solution to determine the track of the projectile through it. If Kennedy’s buried the brain with the body, on Nov 25, 1963, then why not just admit it??’.

    I read that Robert Kennedy resisted with all his might, the attempt by Ramsey Clark to turn the contents in his possession over to the Govt. After RFK’s death everything then deferred to Ted Kennedy.

    Secrets do get out. I assume the JFK reburial in 1967, of which there are some photos included in Baden’s video presentation cited above, was off limits to the Press. Yet, CLEARLY, someone was there taking photos despite the fact that the entire cemetery was ‘cleared’ by specialists that evening. In the photo you can see that there is ‘dirt’ on the coffin/vault. Was RFK/Teddy’s presence there to ensure that the ‘other’ material was not lost/discarded? This is my theory. It may not have been, as Dr. Baden stated, put into the coffin…but simply placed ‘next’ to it.

    Lastly, it might be worth taking the time to inspect the other geographical landmarks around the tomb to be sure that the photos were not taken, as one would believe, in 1967. I tend to think they are the ones from ’67 b/c the blocks where the eternal flame comes up are in place. Back in ’63 the flame was largely ceremonial and the piping was covered by one of those felt/green rugs of some type.

    Anyway…another mystery.

  3. The Michael Baden video is interesting, particularly his comments about RFK attending a late night ceremony on day of burial (Nov. 25). If in fact the brain was buried that night, it supports Doug Horne’s two -brain exam theory. That’s because autopsy doctor Pierre Finck reported to his superior that James Humes called him on Nov. 29 to request Finck’s presence in conducting JFK’s brain exam.
    So, if in fact JFK’s brain was buried earlier, the second brain exam was not JFK’s brain. Additionally, John Stringer, who photographed the brain said it wasn’t the brain he took pictures of when shown the “official” brain photos by the AARB.

    Here’s some interesting background from an older email from Thomas A. Battocletti, Ph.D:

    In the JAMA 1992 (Vol 267, No. 20) article, Dr. Humes stated:
    “Admiral Burkley gave me a receipt for the autopsy materials,
    including the brain. It was my understanding that all the autopsy
    materials, except the brain, would be placed in the National
    Archives. He told me that the family wanted to inter the brain
    with the President’s body. I don’t know what happened to the
    brain, but I do know that Admiral Burkley was an honorable
    man” (p. 2800).

    Later in the JAMA article, the following statements were made by Drs.
    Boswell and Humes about “What happened to the brain?”:

    Boswell says, “I believe that it was buried with the body.”
    Humes says, “I don’t know, but I do know that I personally
    handed it over to Admiral Burkley and that he told me that the
    family intended to bury it with the body. I believe Admiral
    Burkley” (p. 2803).

    However, in the 08/17/77 HSCA MEMORANDUM written by Donald Purdy (HSCA
    Record No.: 180-10093-10429), Mr. Purdy (who interviewed Admiral
    Burkley via telephone) wrote:

    BURKLEY decided to keep the brain rather than put it back
    in the body as DR. HUMES wanted to do….DR. BURKLEY said he
    took the brain and tissue sections (and presumably the paraffin
    blocks) to the National Archives and personally gave them to
    EVELYN LINCOLN” (p.5).

    PUT IT, “…a prime suspect for Liar Of The Case” (p.46)?

  4. I sent a note to Mr. Blakey, from the HSCA, at ND. He replied that he had not heard mike made that statement and would inquire about his sources at a later date. He responded that he as thankful for having the video brought to his attention. Peace.

  5. I had Baden as a professor in law school. he seemed to have changed his mind when he became involved with the HSCA.

    @Jeff- was the lawsuit filed in district court for the district of columbia? i may want to file an amicus brief……


  6. It’s up to people like Mr. Lopez to put this to rest if it is ever going to be. The number of people is dwindling who had direct involvement in meaningful activities and investigations. It is telling that there remain a steadfast group who continue to insist upon investigating it further. It seems the closer they were to one facet of it or another, the more intense becomes the angst. That smoke has been floating in the air ever since the day it happened, and will continue to do so for many more years, or until it is finally resolved.

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