Dealey Plaza closed for JFK miniseries

Dealey Plaza in downtown Dallas will be closed this week for the filming of a miniseries about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy

When I was in Dallas on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s assassination I watched a contracted work crew scraping off the painted white X marking the exactly spot on Elm Street where President Kennedy shot down. Out out damned spot, cried Lady Macbeth as did the Dallas city fathers. The stain must be excised.

The white X has returned to Dealey Plaza and so has mythmaker Stephen King, according to KDFW.  The inventive and prolific novelist is staging his time travel JFK yarn, November 22, 1963 on the scene of the crime,

My 2 Cents:

Stephen King’s JFK myth is appropriately horrific yet perhaps too reassuring. It is innocent of national security politics and wise to what Americans want to hear about their past.

Dealey Plaza Triptych:

Source: Dealey Plaza closed for JFK miniseries filming – Story | KDFW

15 thoughts on “Dealey Plaza closed for JFK miniseries”

  1. Stephen King’s book is based on the premise that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin, which is patently absurd.

    Once you reject the premise of the miniseries, who the hell can be bothered with watching it?

    Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy killed, pure and simple.

    For any of the mental midgets out there who don’t believe this, simply read “JFK And The Unspeakable” by James W. Douglass and know the truth.

    1. Of all the major theories, “LBJ did it” seems the least plausible. Leaving aside the fact that Lyndon Johnson was scarcely in a position to “order” the murder of the president, Johnson has no known connection to the Mexico City incident, the Sylvia Odio incident, the apparent setup of Oswald, or any of the other curious anomalies of the case. Had Johnson been a conspirator, it seems extremely unlikely that he would have placed himself so close to the line of fire or that he would have allowed the plot to be carried out in his own home state. Johnson also went around telling everybody who would listen that he did not believe Oswald had acted alone, that he did not believe the single-bullet theory, and that he suspected that there had been a conspiracy. What kind of conspirator does that?

      1. LBJ campaigned for Bobby Kennedy when he ran for the Senate. If LBJ had been involved in JFK’s assassination, he wouldn’t have worked to create a potential path for a RFK presidency.

        1. After killing his brother, LBJ wanted to make it look good. Besides, if you know you can take anyone out the moment they get in your way, why not appear supportive to begin with, especially if it paints the picture that you like the Kennedys, while secretly hating their guts.

        2. That’s pretty weak, Phil. There was what LBJ called the “Kennedy wing” of the party. LBJ knew he had no chance of getting re-elected, or ruling, without its support. He’d made it clear to RFK that he wasn’t gonna be the VP. This left LBJ little choice but to support RFK when he ran for the Senate.

        3. The only way I’d believe LBJ campaigned for RFK’s Senate bid in 1964 is if RFK’s opponent was an LBJ-hater. I’m not saying you’re wrong here, but I want to look into this.

      2. LBJ didn’t “Do it”, but he knew about it. That’s why he ducked before the shot’s were fired and why he discreetly as possible left Parkland as quickly as he could for AF1.
        Before Jackie or JFK’s body could get there.

        1. “Do it” as in pulling the trigger? No, of course not, but he arranged for the trigger to be pulled.

          Face it, the “Unspeakable” book clearly proves that someone of the highest authority arranged the assassination, and controlled the investigation into JFK’s murder. Who else but Johnson, who also had the most motivation for seeing JFK dead.

          When you connect ALL the dots, they lead clearly back to LBJ.

          1. Ronnie, don’t get me started on the Jesuits!

            How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

  2. Ii am reminded that the research community does not own the history of the JFK assassination, nor the interpretation of that event. Even JFK remarked that after his demise, he could not control what others wrote about him, or his presidency. Suffice it that he remarked “We are not afraid to entrust the American people with unpleasant facts, foreign ideas, alien philosophies, and competitive values. For a nation that is afraid to let its people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation that is afraid of its people.” (Floyd College, Rome, Georgia, on the 20th anniversary of Voice of America, February 1962).
    The slain President wrote down, but never delivered the following: “We in this country, in this generation, are, by destiny rather than choice, the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of ‘peace on earth, goodwill toward men.’ That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underlie our strength. For as it was written long ago, ‘except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.” (Undelivered luncheon speech, Dallas, Texas November 22, 1963).
    Mr. King has his right to his views, as does the entertainment business. We can voice and write our views as well. If it is truth we seek, we shall find it in the small quiet and still voice that tells us, John Kennedy died because he was a visionary ahead of his time. Now, John is with all those who opposed his vision. “Come, let us slay the dreamer and see what becomes of his dreams.”

  3. The City workers really do need to do some major pruning of the many trees in Dealey Plaza. It’s really disgusting and very, very sad to see these historical trees so unkempt.

    1. It’s funny you bring up the trees, Steve. I recently re-watched JFK: The Lost Bullet, from 2011. They failed to trim or pull back the trees before using a laser to test the single-bullet theory trajectory from the sniper’s nest. I assume they wanted to do so but ran into some bureaucratic roadblocks. In any event, they ended up faking their whole demonstration by projecting a laser from a tripod behind the limo.

      This is demonstrated here:

      And here:

      And here:

      And here:

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