4 thoughts on “David Talbot on the rise of America’s secret government ”

    1. The Daily Beast article clearly states that Talbot reaches his conclusions based on conjecture, imagination and assumptions with little objective evidence to support those conclusions.
      Which any serious researcher can see by reviewing his books-long on information, but erroneous conclusions based on personal option, not that information.

  1. I am sure it went something like this…Johnson wanted it (assassination) done before the subcommittee met (11/22/63) they were in the process of impeaching him! He went to the Generals, who wanted the war in Vietnam. They, the Generals, went to the CIA, those in charged of assassinations. He, Johnson, then went to his “Best Buddy” Hoover for the cover up! Involved some oilmen, to pay the assassins, and there you have it a COUP DE TAT!

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