Dr. David Mantik explains a JFK autopsy mystery image

“Purpose—To solve the mystery of the 6.5 mm “metallic” object on President John F. Kennedy’s anterior-posterior (AP) skull X-ray. This image was not seen or reported during the official autopsy on November 22, 1963 [JFK Facts emphasis added], but first appeared in the historical record in 1968 with the release of the Clark Panel Report.”

Source: Open Journal Systems

JFK mystery image
The vertical arrow points to a bullet fragment not found in JFK’s autopsy.

3 thoughts on “Dr. David Mantik explains a JFK autopsy mystery image”

  1. The morticians at Joseph Gawler’s funeral home reported using mortician’s wax to repair several fragmentation wounds to the president’s face after the autopsy was performed.
    How does a shot from the rear cause fragmentation wounds to the face?

  2. Yikes! Check the record. The autopsists removed two fragments from the skull…BOTH from behind the right eye. So, no, the caption to the image has it backwards. It is the fragment pointed out by the horizontal arrow that was not removed at autopsy, and not the fragment pointed out by the vertical arrow.

  3. It is useful and salutary that JFKFacts provides these links to Dr. Mantik’s startling and disturbing work, which is starting to appear in peer-reviewed venues and with independent corroboration by fellow M.D.s (see for example Mantik’s mention of the complementary NARA research results by Dr. Michael Chesser on page 8 of the freely available .pdf). Mantik’s NARA observations are among the very best of JFK Facts.

    It should also be noted that Mantik’s substantially irrefutable indictments of the autopsy x-rays carry many serious implications for the veracity of almost all of the physical evidence in the Kennedy assassination, autopsy photographs and Zapruder film included. It seems certain that individuals in the federal government were working very hard in the immediate aftermath of the as assassination to ensure that guilt could be pinned solely on the deluded Lee Oswald.

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