Dallas police to Groden: ‘Grassy knoll’ banner must go

The latest antics of the Dallas police, courtesy of the Dallas ObserverDallas Wants JFK Conspiracy Theorist to Remove “Grassy Knoll” Sign.

“After JFK’s 50th anniversary (the exclusive event where the organizers tried to keep away people with “extremist ties”) things have been relatively quiet for [JFK author Robert] Groden. Or they were quiet until recently, anyway. Now, Groden says, Dallas city code enforcers are telling him to move a giant sign he posts on the grassy knoll. The sign that he brings out each weekend when the weather is nice fittingly says “Grassy Knoll.” It points people to the top, where Groden works at his table, still giving talks and selling literature.”


14 thoughts on “Dallas police to Groden: ‘Grassy knoll’ banner must go”

    1. Ramon F Herrera

      I am a follower of Mr. Groden, have met him several times in Dealey Plaza and have bought his wares. I was also regaled with the unavoidable O.J. circus, and this is the first time I learn that they are related.

      There is a movie that takes place in Dallas: “Dr. T and the Women”. One of the characters, daughter of Richard Geer, is a huge JFK buff. Despite being very rich, she conducts tours at the site:


      “I have to go, they are showing the Zapruder film!!!”

      At the end of that film you can envision a solution to the harassment that is being inflicted on Mr. Groden

      1. Groden had made a living in part as a supposed photographic expert; the Simpson trial revealed him to be a complete sham in that regard. Since then his assassination industry has dried up and he has resorted to a pathetic open-air shop on public property where he tries to sell rehashed versions of his prior publications to the uninformed.When I saw him at Dealey a few years ago I was sickened by the commercial degradation of a historical site by him and others simply to make a buck. The Grassy Knoll sign should be seen for what it was- a desecration of a public space simply to advertise Groden’s business.

        1. Photon, I would suggest the Lone Nut authors made a few “bucks” with their books, right? And for the same reason as did Groden..but with different beliefs, of course.

        2. Unlike Gary Mack, you have to give Groden points for having the courage to stand by his ideals. Mack has gained a nice, cushie job at the Sixth Floor Museum, where he now espouses the official, lone-nut theory line of his benefactors.

  1. The holders of power also want the public properly “medicated” with entertainment. Cheap, popular entertainment via movies, TV, pop music, that distracts them (while simultaneoulsy filling their minds with messages that maintain the status quo). The Entertainment Industrial Complex is the equivalent of soma in Huxley’s Brave New World.

  2. It is uninteresting to those who should care more because they have been brainwashed by decades of misinformation, propaganda, and fear mongering.
    This takes place in a system where it is not unusual for the number of lobbyists (for greedy corporations with heavy pockets) to far outnumber the members of congress who are supposedly meant to represent a democracy. For decades, members of Congress have recieved large financial rewards from Lobby interests. Then there is that other idiosyncracy where members of Congress have become lobbyists for powerful corporations straight after their careers in politics.
    Add to this the mix of non-inquisitive mainstream media and unnaccountable secret service agencies, any pretensions to being a democracy ought to be questioned.
    Is it any wonder that those who do not care are either naive, financially insecure, or feel powerless and afraid to rock the boat, or all of the above?
    The inequitable holders of power do not want to remove the scurge of drugs in society, do not want to reduce the number of people incarcerated, do not want those less fortunate to vote en masse, do not want naivety in the less to do to dissipate, nor do they crave widespread discontent over the lack of will on the part of our leaders to properly investigate JFK’s assassination. Doing so might be more revealing about where power and wealth are held and how it is maintained.

  3. Nathaniel Heidenheimer

    This is the most totalitarian system in the history of the world. Those who point out the freedom to post stuff on the internet have absolutely no idea of the complexity of our political thought-management system.

    I am amazed and depressed over the JFK “research Community’s” abject failure to get more interested in the keystone event in the history of the National Security State, an event which really is our only current event because it keeps 310 million people imprisoned in a false model of power. Our system is most adept at introducing complexity when there is actually objectively discernible clarity, and introducing bovine lies into audiences where the assassination should logically be of greatest interest. It’s also good at separating history into contemporary niche markets as we see in the separation of the MLK, Malcolm X, RFK and JFK assassinations when they so clearly are connected.

    I guess it is just inherently uninteresting that the lowest per capita income supporters in any Democratic Primary of the Twentieth Century should have their candidate shot to death and all historians, all Official McLeftists like Noam Chomsky , and all so called Alternative Media outlets should not only completely ignore the event but print disinformation that actively dissuades the left from “going there” This is the most systemically brainwashed civilization in World History.

    1. “This is the most totalitarian system in the history of the world…
      This is the most systemically brainwashed civilization in World History.”~Nathaniel Heidenheimer

      Yes, and it is global now. Nowhere to run nowhere to hide.
      Seems to me that the only rational choice it to face it head on and answer full spectrum dominance with full spectrum defiance.

      My choice is to spread the word openly in any venue I can.

  4. I admit, that sign is ugly, and if someone needs a sign to let them know that’s the grassy knoll, then they probably shouldn’t be there.

    1. Yes the sign is ugly for it tells the ugly truth. Many who go there know nothing of it. But they should, based on the HSCA conclusion of a shot from there which supersedes the Warren report. The City of Dallas should place a large sign there proclaiming such as they support Historical accuracy through the Sixth Floor Museum, just kidding, when hell freezes over.
      Robert Groden is an American Hero for sacrificing personally to keep the Importance of JFK’s Assassination at the forefront. In many kinds of weather, through much persecution.

  5. Isn’t Groden coming out with a blockbuster book on the assassination? That is to say, much more detailed than others he wrote?

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