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  1. While browsing some old newspaper articles on Google, I stumbled across an interesting quote from Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry, from an AP story of November 23, 1963. I can’t find this quote mentioned anywhere in a Google Books search, other than in this article.

    “Curry said police never had Oswald listed on their suspicious list. ‘We have another man working in that same building who has been listed in our subversive files since 1955,’ Curry said. Police were seeking this man for questioning.”

    Does anyone know to whom he is referring?


    1. Curry was referring to Joe Molina, a TSBD bookkeeper who was suspected merely because he belonged to a veteran’s group that the DPD considered “possibly subversive.” Even though he had nothing to do with the assassination, he lost his job because of the bad publicity.

      Molina’s story, starting near the bottom of this page:


      Molina’s testimony:

      1. Joe Molina also indicated that at the police raid carried out at his home on 2.00am on Saturday that he was pressured to implicate Oswald.

        The only other person we know of who was threatened that weekend was Buell Wesley Frazier.

        Both these 2 men were standing near to the Prayer Man figure on the front steps of the TSBD during the shooting.

        1. Hi Vanessa,

          Do you have a cite for Molina being “pressured to implicate Oswald”?

          If Frazier was ever “threatened” it sure didn’t work, did it?

          As you know, Oswald said he was “inside the building” at the time of the shooting.

        2. In other words, they Might have been intimidated regarding Oswald’s possible presence on the front steps during the Assassination? While (very?) suspicious, no proof/documentation.
          Though Fraizer has basically admitted to being intimidated regarding keeping his mouth shut to protect his family per statements in the last few years.

      2. Jean — thanks for the information. Very interesting. It does seem strange that a veterans’ organization could be considered potentially “subversive.”

  2. I’ve read about his book somewhere else. Wish I had a copy. Seems there was some more relevant or another important picture in it than has been mentioned. Would anyone who has/has read the book possibly comment?

    1. There was a picture of a car near General Walker’s house with the license plate intact.Was that what you were referring to?

  3. Here’s an article that mentions Curry’s book. http://www.ctka.net/besmirch.html

    The author Michael Green claims that one of Curry’s photographs (included in the essay) depicts a large bullet fragment extracted from Connally, thereby destroying CE399 claims. My position after five decades: none of the ballistics’ evidence is trustworthy.

    1. Bill,

      The object in the Curry book photo isn’t a fragment from Connally’s arm, it’s a button from Tippit’s uniform next to the bullet that hit it (scroll down):


      This was explained in Lt. Day’s testimony. The Connally wrist fragments are actually in the plastic box to the right of the button/bullet in this clearer copy of the photo:



      As I recall, this was an error in the caption in Curry’s book. Errors are common in the record and much of the “JFK research” online is wildly inaccurate, so reader beware.

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