Dallas citizens plan JFK day of service

Dallas citizens plan to mark 50th anniversary of JFK assassination with day of service.

 Earlier in November, the JFK Day of Service will partner with Special Olympics Texas to host the “Carry the Torch” 5K. The Nov. 7 race will begin and end at the JFK memorial in downtown Dallas.

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  1. to continue:

    The Crescent Court complex, address of Westcott, LLC as well as the O’Donnell Family Foundation is anchored by Rosewood Hotel’s Crescent Court Hotel, a real estate development project founded by Caroline Hunt (Sands Schoellkopf), the daughter of H. L. Hunt, cosponsor of the infamous black border ad in the “Dallas Morning News” on 11/22.

    The Crescent Club, which crowns the office building at the Crescent was the setting of an interview last year with Dallas Mayor Rawlings and Ruth Collins Sharp Altschuler by Texas Monthly’s Mimi Swartz.

    An excerpt: “It is an odd place to talk about inclusion and change, but there I was, sitting around a table with Mayor Rawlings and Ruth Collins Sharp Altshuler, the chairwoman of what had been recently christened “The 50th: Honoring the Memory of President John F. Kennedy.” (The entire article can be found at http://www.texasmonthly.com/story/11222013/)

  2. According to the article, the man behind the “day or service” is Chart Westcott, whose bio states that he is a GOP activist who …. campaigns for conservative Republican candidates at the local and national levels and he leads the Conservative Values Coalition Political Action Committee (CVC-PAC) of Dallas. Working closely with other members and staff at the CVC-PAC, he works to support pro-business and pro-education conservative politicians seeking election or re-election to Texas political offices. Mr. Westcott founded CVC-PAC in February 2012.

    Westcott LLC headquarters is at 100 Crescent Court, Suite 1620; their neighbor in Suite 1660 is the O’Donnell Family Foundation whose founder is Peter O’Donnell, who according to Russ Banker in “Family of Secrets” recruited George HW Bush as Republican candidate for the Senate in 1964. O’Donnell was later forced to admit that his family foundation was a conduit for CIA funds (Washington Post, Feb. 22, 1967)

    1. was not gov. connelly also involved saying if they wanted him in senate they HAD to bring in bush too kind of weird for a democrat ill be down the weekend of 22nd any events other then the service you are aware of

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