Daily Caller spoofs Chris Matthews’s JFK preoccupation

With the 50th anniversary just two months away, allusion to the assassination of the 35th president comes in all shapes and sizes.

This week the conservative Daily Caller used it in a spoof-within-a-spoof — a pretend “Playbook” column from the Beltway Bible Politico making note of a fictional blog post by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews:

WHAT THE WEST WING IS READING – “HOW JFK WOULD HAVE HANDLED SYRIA” by Chris Matthews, MSNBC.com: “Timing timing never know when it’s going to go down when it’s going to hit going to sting Jack Kennedy sure didn’t know of course rest in piece and tell me are we ever going to get tired of the conspiracies about this guy I get it fifty years since that fateful Dallas day and everyone has to make a buck but come on oh man they even say it about Bobby can you believe that second shooter with Bobby in the lobby of the old Ambassador not there anymore but what do you think Rosie Grier would say if you asked him about second shooters does anyone think ask Rosie ask Rosie Grier class act do journalists even think like that anymore your thoughts.”

Matthews, a former aide to Tip O’Neill, is an outspoken JFK admirer with little time for conspiracy theories regarding the cause of his hero’s death. Still, one thing the spoof does capture: JFK’s death, and its causes, remain on the popular pundit’s mind.



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