D magazine touts JFK Lancer conference

Kind words from the FrontBurner blog of D magazine in a piece about the upcoming JFK Lancer conference on the assassination of President Kennedy.

“This year’s gathering, on the 50th anniversary of JFK’s murder, is scheduled for Nov. 21-24 at The Adolphus hotel. The organizers are expecting 350 to 400 people to attend, and it doesn’t appear to be a conclave of whack-jobs, either. Attendees will include academics, medical doctors, and JFK-assassination eyewitnesses, and Jefferson Morley — a veteran Washington journalist who’s written for Slate, the New Republic and the Washington Post — will be the keynote speaker. “We’re not, ‘the UFOs did it.’ We are a very conservative group,” conference organizer Deb Conway says.

Its always a relief to get straight news coverage of my JFK journalism. Personally, I have a strict policy against appearing at conclaves of whack jobs (though I admit I have covered the U.S. Congress). And I really don’t mind proving that I’m not insane. As I disclosed to Conway before accepting her invitation to speak, I haven’t been on a UFO in many years.

But seriously I’m looking forward to speaking in Dallas. As Conway told D, the Lancer conference will be “a way for people to better understand the documentation of the case, and where we are today compared to investigations in the 1960s.”

To that end, I will share some factual revelations about the CIA and JFK in 1963, including, I hope, newly declassified CIA records.

If you want to hear my JFK talk in person, please register now for the JFK Lancer Conference here. You won’t be disappointed. I hope to meet you in Dallas.

Here is a complete rundown of JFK Lancer speakers. (You’ll see I’m in good company.)

Up to 400 Expected For November Conference at The Adolphus Hotel on JFK Assassination | FrontBurner.


1 thought on “D magazine touts JFK Lancer conference”

  1. Debra used to have the hottest JFK website around until her chief moderator started running customers off by deleting, censoring or locking posts he didn’t like. Now it looks like an online ghost town.

    Debra’s sister (the blood spray expert)has some convincing analysis about where the forward shooter was located.

    I’d love to come meet you in person, Jeff, but I swore off Dallas the last time I visited Dealey Plaza and was mobbed by souvenir peddlers & street hustlers before I even got my car door opened on Houston Street. Never again.

    The last thing any JFK assassination message boards needs is censorship from moderator(s) with fixed opinions about the case. Once visitors recognize the bait & the trap they don’t return.

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