CSPAN airs Wecht Institute’s JFK conference

C-Span 3 is airing the first day of last month’s JFK conference at Dusquesne University, sponsored by the Wecht conference. For people interested in the latest in JFK research, there is no better way to get current.
Myself, I’m not that interested in discussions of JFK conspiracy theories.
Rather, I recommend Rex Bradford’s talk about the Church Committee and Rob Tannenbaum on his experience with the House Select Committee on Assassinations.



6 thoughts on “CSPAN airs Wecht Institute’s JFK conference”

  1. What a crock of discredited unsubstantiated speculation that seeks to polish the halo of the Kennedy brothers, and demonize their detractors. CSPAN should have more journalistic professionalism that to promote such drivel.

  2. I caught some of Tannenbaum’s talk. He told a story about interviewing CIA honcho David Atlee Phillips before the select committee on assassinations in a closed session, and Phillips told an outright lie about not having tape of the Oswald imposter in Mexico City. Tannenbaum then gave Phillips a piece of paper given to him by Mark Lane that had a transcript of Hoover’s discussion of the matter.

    Asked about the discrepancy, Phillips walked out of the hearing. He was never forced to come back and answer. Tannenbaum realized that the committee members had no intention of trying to get to the truth and soon quit. It’s a shame.

    I accidentally turned off the TV when he started to say something about the importance of the Oswald imposter. Did anyone catch what he said about that?

    1. Paulf,

      Tanenbaum was great! One of the best hours of TV I’ve seen on the topic.

      Unfortunately, he did not address the multiple Oswalds, except for the mysteries of the Soviet and Cuban embassies down in Mexico City.

      That David “Maurice Bishop” Phillips story was indeed chilling.

  3. Thank you for this head’s up. I never would have found them otherwise.

    How typical of our Stalinist corporate culture that these hours of truth are shunned to the hours of midnight to 7:00am on the Friday night/Saturday morning of Thanksgiving weekend.

    1. Thank you so much for this information. I attended the conference and wanted to hear Rex Bradford’s discussion on the Church Committee again.

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