Continuing the JFK inquiry via social media

At JFK: The Continuing Inquiry Chris Gallop presents a steady stream of links to interesting JFK news and, while I can’t vouch for everything that appears, there seems to be low tolerance for bad information.

Between now and the 50th anniversary of the Warren Report in September 2014, we need more such social media coverage of JFK assassination..

4 thoughts on “Continuing the JFK inquiry via social media”

  1. Today, people have old and new evidence. But there is still a lot of different opinions on what happened. Or who set up the assassination.. People say that all of this different theories are true, but tey fail to realize that they don’t have no information. They have nothing to back theirselves up

  2. S.R."Dusty" Rohde

    JFK: The Continuing Inquiry is a good site with many knowledgable and well informed members. Both old and new evidence is often posted, along with links and images. If members make a claim or theory, supporting evidence is expected by members. Varied opinion and debate are welcomed, deliberate disinformation is not. Chris is interested in answers like most people.

  3. Chris Gallop runs a good Facebook page and arranged a great afternoon in Dallas on the 23rd dec this year. Whilst all speakers were of the belief that it was not LHO it was a great afternoon, Chris is a decent guy., one who is fair.

    Like to call him my friend.

  4. This is the way it must be. The Truth will never be found in the mass media based on the last 50 years. This is the source of communication and information in the present. The potential for disinformation is evident as has always been in print and internet sites. Mr. Gallop seems to be doing well here although some of the stuff is a little weird to an old cynic.

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