Jim Garrison conference in Las Vegas

Jim Marrs, Dick Russell, and Joan Mellen will be celebrating Jim Garrison at a conference to be held at the University of Las Vegas, Nevada, at 7 pm on Friday Jan. 31.

I’ll be watching. As I wrote last week, I’m especially interested in what these authors have to say about the role of Jim Angleton’s Counterintelligence Staff in monitoring Garrison’s investigation.

You too can watch it via Livestream here.

3 thoughts on “Jim Garrison conference in Las Vegas”

  1. “an experiment with truth” – Gandhi. May I suggest JFK and the unspeakable by theologian Jim Douglass. A beautifully written and researched book that is foremost a history book ..for when you understand WHY JFK was killed you will clearly see who is responsible. The general thinking is that the assassination occurred 50 years ago,so let’s move on….. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  2. Glad for the clarification that it’s Pacific time. This is what I figured but nice to know for sure. I’m leaving work early Friday to get home and “tuned in” before it starts as I’m on Central time.
    This is especially relevant for me at the moment as I’m reading Reclaiming Parkland and just finished the chapter on Bugliosi vs. Garrison and Stone. I’ve read On the Trail of the Assassins and Destiny Betrayed among others on Garrison. I missed the story on the picture from Clinton.

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