‘Concerning the Facts and Consequences of the Tragic Death of President John F. Kennedy’

What Fidel Castro said about JFK’s  assassination on November 23, 1963. He was judicious.

Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro on Dallas.

“Always, when something very important has happened, national or international, we have thought it desirable to speak to the people, to express our opinions. And in every such case to express the orientation of the Government, the orientation of our Party, so that each one of us all know the attitude we should adopt in each one of these situations”

“It is true that we are somewhat accustomed to various types of unexpected events, important, serious events, because since the victory of the Revolution our country has had to face a series of problems, a series of situations that have prepared the people to carry forward their victorious revolution.”

“Therefore, because of the events of yesterday in the United States in which the President was murdered, because of the repercussion these events can have, because of the role that the United States plays in the problems of international policy, because of this, we believe that we should make a specially objective and calm analysis of these events and of their possible consequences.”

Download Castro on JFK 112363.

7 thoughts on “‘Concerning the Facts and Consequences of the Tragic Death of President John F. Kennedy’”

  1. the killing of Kennedy will someday come out. the truth has been leaking for 50 years.. the men that have been involved have been exposed . but its yet to determine who the big players are in our government.

  2. While Castro’s speech is revealing as to where the plot may have originated, and the motive (war and a more friendly occupant in the White House) I am nevertherless, predicting that Cuba will again join the American camp regarding economic policies. China continues to adhere to the communist philosophy and practices a mixed economic policy. China now enjoys both “Most Favored Nation” status, and holder of the largest US debt (approximately 4,000,000,000,000 (4 trillion US dollars). Cuba would do well in emulating this model and re-establish itself as a country with progressive, instead of repressive, leadership. Given the tortured history of this island nation since European and American intervention, history reminds us to let Cuba govern itself and use diplomacy to settle any differences.

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