Comparing Obama and JFK

The unfolding Ukraine crisis shows that President Obama compares unfavorably to JFK, says London academic James D. Boys.

In an interview with Voice of Russia, Boys said this:

The full story is here .

“….. President Obama appears to be unable to learn from his mistakes and from the lessons of history. One is loath to raise the shadow of the Cuban missile crisis at this present time, but if you go back to that dark era in human history, one of the great lessons that you should take from that, which President Kennedy was very adamant about not doing, was painting Premier Khrushchev into a corner and that there was always a way out.”

“And again, if you look at the language he used, at the White House podium on Friday .. this idea of coming out and engaging in what I think of as megaphone diplomacy really is not heeding the lessons of history.”

Dr. Boys, in reviewing  the movie ‘Parkland,’ sounded a skeptical note about  the Warren Commission:

“…It is indeed a strange world when a president can be killed in suspicious circumstances and it is those who are asking the difficult questions who are being portrayed as nutcases.’

His review of the movie is here .

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