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5 thoughts on “Comments commentary”

  1. Am (morbidly) curious to know which tailor made the President’s suit in which he was assasinated? I am told by the son of his former tailor that it was made by Chipp company. Since I have never seen a makers’ label (unlike his shirt and tie worn on that tragic day), I remain uncertain. If no one on this site knows, does the National Archives respond to such requests? Many thanks, in advance.

  2. Just wondering if anyone — after the assassination — has taken in to account the fact — which I’ve seen in certain books — the fact that JFK was known to have worn a back brace much of the time. I honestly don’t know which books that I’ve seen that in, but I do know that he had back (pain?)issues.
    I know that of all the stuff I’ve read after the assassination and regarding the different official Commissions that investigated have never — to my knowledge) mentioned a back brace. It seems to me that that would definitely affect the course of any bullet (or bullets).
    Pat Gill
    Lompoc, CA 93436

    ps. I was 13 y/o that day.

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