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Willy Whitten – May 30

“that Nicholas B. Lemann could not seem a textbook CIA mockingbird
to a greater degree, if he actually worked at it!”~Tom S.

So, just so I am clear on this, Nicholas B. Lemann is an obvious textbook CIA mockingbird. Which I certainly agree to.

But who is it that you see that DISAGREES with this proposition?

4 thoughts on “Comment of the week”

  1. I have limited knowledge about Lehman. Can someone concisely relate his role. Would his CIA files possibly reveal anything?

  2. Thank you for the honor of a Comment of the Week.

    So who disagrees with the proposition that Nicholas B. Lemann is an obvious textbook CIA mockingbird, aside from the Warren Report Cult?

    Or shall we wait to see who disagrees here in this thread?

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