CNN picks up on JFK Facts reporting — and the CIA responds

The CIA has finally responded to JFK Facts‘ reporting on the 1,100 secret CIA documents related to JFK’s assassination, including the Top 7 JFK files it still keeps from public view.

CNN’s Thom Patterson, who picked up on our reporting (but did not credit JFK Facts), stated in a Nov. 17 story that the agency retains “a number” JFK records.” In response, the agency made this statement:

“CIA has followed the provisions of the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act, and the National Archives has all of the agency’s documents and files on the Kennedy assassination,” said CIA spokesman Edward Price. “The classified information contained in the files remains subject to the declassification provisions of the Act.”

Note to the correct number of withheld JFK documents is “approximately 1,100.” The figure comes from a CIA court filing in my lawsuit, Morley v. CIA.

Excerpt from a sworn statement by CIA Information Coordinator Delores Nelson on how many JFK assassination records the CIA is withholding from public view


5 thoughts on “CNN picks up on JFK Facts reporting — and the CIA responds”

  1. The CIA have helped compromise any ability to carry out proper investigation of JFK’s death.
    The Secret Service failed to transparently cooperate with the Warren Commission in relation to its own behavior that day.
    The FBI was interested only in a contrived outcome and failed to carry out its responsibility to the investigation.
    What hope have we of knowing the truth without a full set of evidence ?

  2. Looks like we might have to wait until 2017. Let’s hope not.
    As I understand it, we may have to wait even longer than that because they can still try and withold them after 2017.

    One thing that worries me. If there is evidence within the documents which incriminates the CIA in some way, wouldn’t they have destroyed it?
    The fact that the CIA are fighting Mr Morley through the courts to retain these records indicates to me that they contain something they don’t want us to see.
    The files of George Joannides are obviously assassination related and as such are being illegally witheld. The ARRB said that if they knew the documents realting to George Joannides existed they would have pressed for their release.

  3. I watched CBS’s 50th anniversary special on Saturday night. Completely absent from this program was any mention of the fatal headshot. Instead they focused solely on the shot that hit JFK in the back and passed thru to Connally, saying this proved Oswald was the assassin. They had establishment historians like Robert Caro giving us the high school textbook version of events. Bob Schieffer never even uttered the words “grassy knoll”.

    I’m not conservative ‘lamestream media’ type, but the establishment press fails miserably at any objective presentation of facts and viewpoints when discussing Dealey Plaza.

  4. Hmmm…..CNN reporting on CIA dirty deeds. Isn’t that kind of like the sister snitching on the big brother (or vice versa)?

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