Click here to let Obama know what you think about secret JFK files

The Obama administration is seeking public input on “Transforming the Security Classification System” at a public forum in Washington D.C. on Thursday, Nov. 21.

Were you bothered by this JFK Facts story? 1,100 JFK records ignored in Obama push to open records.

Or this one? Top 7 JFK files the CIA still keep secret.

If you think the government should practice full disclosure on JFK, then please submit a concise comment with specific proposals to the National Archives’ Transforming Classification blog.

Just click here.

One faithful JFK Facts reader has already submitted his comment:

“We are seeing a tidal wave of public interest in the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President Kennedy. The Archives is holding at least 1,170 classified documents related to that event, and there are extensive redactions to previously released records. On November 21 and in light of the public interest your board should recommend that these materials be immediately processed for release to the public.”

If you want to attend the meeting in person:

The open meeting on Thursday, November 21, 2013, will focus specifically on “declassification prioritization.”  Press and media are welcome to attend.

When: November 21, 2013, from 9:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Doors Open: 9:15 a.m.

Where: The Archivist’s Reception Room, Room 105 in the National Archives Building

Address: 700 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC

Space is limited. You must confirm via Eventbrite in order to attend. A government-issued photo identification (e.g. driver’s license) is required to gain admittance.

3 thoughts on “Click here to let Obama know what you think about secret JFK files”

  1. Democracies do not hide or bury secrets that the public has a right to know. Robert Kennedy said he knew what was in the JFK archives on March 25, 1968 in Los Angeles. To the cheers of 12000 students he promised to open the JFK archives as he said haltingly about the death of his brother Jack …..”There is no one who would be more interested as to who was responsible for the death of President Kennedy than I would.” Kennedy also promised, “I have seen everything in the archives, the archives will be available at the appropriate time.” The recording of RFK’s promise to open the JFK archives is in the KPFK-FM archives and is quoted in David Talbot’s book BROTHERS page 358.

  2. Charles Hurlburt

    As the author of the book,”It’s Time For the Truth! The JFK Cover-up: The Real Crime of the Century”, I have been calling for full disclosure of the files in the JFK case for years. I wish could join you at the Archives on the 21st but my thoughts and good wishes will be with you.

  3. Jeff, I’m working on a draft of my comment response I intend to send later today (when I am fully awake; sorry, it’s early)& I have thought it out better. Perhaps someone will be kind enough to offer some suggests how it can be improved? This far I have:

    ‘I believe all US government & civilian agencies, departments, enterprises & operations previously ordered by law to release to the public full & complete, non-sanitized records pertaining to the assassination of President Kennedy & the man accused of murdering him be enforced by President Obama, The Department of Justice & all applicable entities representing the interests of the people of the United States.

    To ignore that such entities continue to disobey any & all applicable laws directing full disclosure & transparency sends a message around the world that the US government does not care about its most cherished citizen; its own President, nor does it care about upholding its own laws.

    The horrendous murder of President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago has had a devastating effect on the global community who look to the United States government for globally acceptable closure.’

    Please take a moment & tell me how I can improve this before I send it. You can use it as a template for what you want to say if you so desire.

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