The CIA’s JFK assassination story is ‘evolving’

CIA: There Was a JFK Assassination Cover-Up | Maxim

Robarge’s account may give credence to some of the conspiracy theories that have long swirled around JFK’s death:

Let’s say we leave the conspiracy theories out of it for now and stick to the facts, ma’am.

CIA historian David Robarge now speaks of a “benign JFK cover-up” after JFK was killed. The CIA, in this account, wasn’t really sure that the communist Oswald killed the liberal president. They just decided that was the “best truth” they could find at the time. Not the whole truth, mind you, just the best truth.

With some artful spin, the Agency spokesmen are now conceding an important point first made by CIA critics:

that the Warren Commission report about the assassination of JFK is fundamentally inaccurate because of CIA misconduct.

Robage’s declassified history, reported by Politico, claims the official inquiry still managed to locate the one and only guy responsible for the ambush of the presidential motorcade on November 22, 1963. But Robarge acknowledges the Commission’s understanding of key issues was blinded by the actions of certain high-ranking CIA officials.

In Washington-speak, the U.S. government and the CIA are acknowledging something important that the JFK research community has been saying for a long time: The U.S. government in 2015 cannot say with much confidence who killed JFK in 1963 because the agency withheld key information: about plots to kill Castro and what certain top officers learned about Oswald six weeks before JFK was killed.

And a spokesman for the CIA, the agency’s own historian, is willing to say this publicly.

During the Watergate scandal, factual disclosures forced the Nixon White House to walk back a long line of White House statements denouncing the Washington Post. Previous statements, said spokesman Ron Zeigler, were “no longer operative.” I think we are inching closer to the moment when the CIA acknowledges that its previous statements on JFK are no longer operative.

In any case, the agency’s evolving position on the JFK conspiracy question is evolving into national news story as we draw closer to October 2017.

Source: CIA: There Was a JFK Assassination Cover-Up | Maxim

15 thoughts on “The CIA’s JFK assassination story is ‘evolving’”

  1. Failure to disclose information about the Castro plots IMO was possibly due to the fact that a likely conspiracy assassination was an operation piggy backed out of such Castro , Cuban plots

    operation Mongoose and other Castro plots also likely involved the key planning / execution CIA members of the alleged JFK assassination team , more specifically Ed Lansdale , David A Phillips , David Moralez , Bill Harvey , Howard Hunt , Ted Shackley .

    To my knowledge Moralez , Phillips and obviously Hunt all confessed to being aware of or actively participating in such a plot . I’m fully aware of disinformation aspects of this unresolved murder case but 3 confessions from 3 individuals having direct expierence in over throwing or killing foreign political regimes / figures probably surpasses the where there is smoke to where there is fire threshold to that as formal suspects in the murder .

    IMO these officers suspected members of the Cuba team were possibly involved . Didn’t DeFitzgetald say something to this effect on record ???

    Failure to provide all information on the CIA knowledge of LHO should result in the immediate investigation of such officers . All materials the CIA historian used should be made public immediately as we are talking about an unsolved murder in this instance, possibly no statute of limitations on the obstruction of justice in a murder case ? Either way all officers should be convicted . I must ask how does this report not name the other senior CIA officials ( coincidently the officers not tied to JFK – maybe that was just an oversight lol ) . These officers committed a crime , these documents must be made public , there is no argument anyone can make to defend this

    It’s time the government comes clean about their knowledge of the JFK assassination as its acts like this that makes almost al of us distrust our government . With this bombshell , they need to formally detract the WC findings as that would be the outcome in any legal proceeding . Is there a legal proceeding that can accomplish this ??

    IMO the Warren Report is now discredited given the CIA provided material investigative work for the final analysis.

    if the investigative body of an investigation admits to a cover up , that investigation is fully discredited , discarded and dismissed .

  2. Please include this element as evidence of a conspiracy against JFK: The assassination occurred on a Friday, and by the end of the next shortened work week (which included the Thanksgiving holiday), my father, a high-ranking Army officer, had received orders to join a military team whose purpose was to prosecute a ground war in Vietnam. Thus, in less than a week, the US military was fully engaged in war planning in Vietnam. This, of course, came on the heels of NSAM 263; and we now know, due to Robert McNamara’s late-in-life statements that JFK intended to pull us out of Vietnam.

  3. They can rewrite and revise all they want but they still rule. Whatever the cia does will be for the sole benefit of the agency and its clients. They care nothing about the people of the United states. They hate us.

  4. “…speaking of “funny”…I always understood that DCI McCone was Bobby Kennedy’s source that there was a second gunman?”-DM

  5. “…folks; i’m afraid that CIA’s putting out what will evolve into another domestic, “dis-information story,” in preparation of the release of documents pertaining to JFK, etc. in 2017!
    Honestly; i think the “real anticipation” may also be with the passing of Fidel Castro, and to lay the assassination at his feet! A small price to pay for opening up and lifting trade embargo’s against one’s country!
    Perhaps even Mr. Castro has already made some sort of “agreement” to that effect! After all, he’ll be dead… his country will open up to trade with the U.S…America gets closure it can live with!
    Much better for everyone! Better than keeping trade with Cuba closed and/or; learning that the assassination was really a domestic operation of unbelievable magnitude…perhaps, even a coup d’etat!”
    Does that sound silly? -DM

  6. Blakey has said the same thing about the House committee work. Basically, he says that the CIA was non-cooperative and/or disruptive.

  7. Arnaldo M. Fernandez

    The Warren Commission Report is fundamentally inaccurate by the WC itself, unable to conduct by the book a criminal investigation on the murder of a sitting U.S. President. Just take WC member Gerald Ford rewriting the first draft of the report in order to put the alleged entry wound on JFK back much higher than the body of evidence had demonstrated, so that the Single Bullet Theory can be justified with an exit wound at JFK throat. The CIA has nothing to do with that and with other many wrongdoings by the WC.

  8. David Robarge leaves detail out on CIA activity. The CIA was involved in in internal revolution of other countries. The history of CIA involvement is so documented and their is no excuse for revisionism.

  9. This reminds me of how in 1967, in the wake of an expose in “Ramparts” magazine, CIA used “former” employee Tom Braden (by then a syndicated newspaper columnist) to formally acknowledge what had been suspected for years — that “Encounter” magazine had been founded, funded, and operated by the Agency. In retrospect, a number of people have found it odd that this admission was made, since there had been widespread rumors about it for so long (Graham Greene made a very subtle and sly joke about in his novel “Our Man In Havana”) that it was virtually an open secret. The general consensus is this was the Agency’s way of terminating an operation that had outlived its usefulness. Has CIA finally decided that maintaining the Warren Report cover story is either no longer necessary, or just too ridiculous to insist on? Or is this all part of a plan to push, yet again, the “Castro Did It!” theory that was first propagated just a few hours after the assassination by the CIA-controlled DRE exile group? Time will tell, I guess.

  10. My thinking has always been the CIA knew Castro had nothing do with the assassination. They didn’t hold back information because they were afraid to go to war — they WANTED war with Castro.

    If they held back info, it was because the CIA knew Castro WAS NOT involved. If they held back info, it was because either assets or their own people had either effed up or were deliberately involved.

    1. ….or put another way, if they admitted to assassination attempts against Castro, then they’d be blamed for the blow back, which might have deflated any tendency to retaliate against Cuba.

      1. … and/or worse if they knew THEIR subordinates were involved with anti-Castro Cubans and the Mob*, but didn’t want to open that can of worms.

        *In cahoots with the Mob wouldn’t look good to the AG, and maybe they were also vulnerable to blackmail in one way or another (like Waldron and Hartmann proposed).

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