Face to face with the CIA: JFK investigators tell their story

“Initially, the CIA was cooperating — we had no reason to think that they weren’t… [It was] when we started pushing… on investigating the disinformation efforts after the assassination, and realizing that I could tie just about every single disinformation effort directly back to David Phillips, that George Joannides gets involved.”—Dan Hardway.

Hardway spoke at the 2014 conference, “The Warren Commission and the JFK Assassination: Five Decades of Significant Disclosures.” His fellow investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations, Edwin Lopez, also spoke.

Their talk, from The HSCA and the CIA: The View from the Trenches and the View from the Top is now available on the Web site of the Assassination Archive and Research Center (AARC) in Washington DC Web site, VIia Vimeo.












6 thoughts on “Face to face with the CIA: JFK investigators tell their story”

  1. My take on the AARC videos is on the bigger picture.

    How can we have a democracy where a secret agency withholds vital evidence on the assassination of a president? How can we even call it a democracy until they do?

    And where is the Kennedy family on all this? As Jeff says, the preponderance of the evidence indicates something is going on at a very high level regarding the future alleged assassin of JFK. I would think the Kennedy family would be supporting Blakey’s call for a Justice Department investigation.

    If they don’t, who should? Are they afraid of disrupting the country or hurting the reputation of the family and the political futures of some of its members? I honestly don’t get it.

  2. If you recall the part about Castro giving them the surveillance photos from Mexico City, there were zero photo’s of Oswald. Another point that I have harped on. There is no proof that Oswald ever was there, and according to this info from Castro, it practically proves that Oswald was not there at all.

    An interesting aside this:
    “Oswald found out that he was the patsy on November 22nd.”

    1. Interesting.
      I believe LHO was in Mexico City. What his activities actually were’ directed at while there is becoming a moras.
      There are photos of a larger man said to be outside the embasy who Looks more like Al Bundy.

      The trending information is that LHO dated a female staffer while there, attended parties etc.
      All while making angry armed attempts at a means to get into Cuba.

      What was Mexico all about anyway.. More sheep dipping prior to Dallas.
      Any Thoughts ?

  3. My apologies for the multiple posts.

    I have a lot of respect for these guys, but it is sort of astonishing to think of them as a couple of college kids going to work on this case. To go into the CIA with flip flops and what not – its shows a little “unseriousness” which isn’t their fault, more of the fault of the fact that they were college kids chosen to do such an important job. But perhaps that’s off base.

    I think it was a Jim DiEugenio interview that talked about how originally the HSCA was to be lead by these two really seasoned prosecutors, but then somehow it came to be that a guy from academia – Robert Blakey – was chosen for the big job. And next thing you know, its college kids in town etc. Not that they didn’t do a good job, but could they have done more with more seasoned people? Was this part of the plan to keep things bottled up? I don’t know.

    On a different subject, I’ve only ever found one interview with Gaeton Fonzi on YouTube. It’s excellent for sure but… just one. Anyone know any other good interviews with him available online?

    1. That’s one way of looking at it. We were unseasoned and untested and, at the beginning to a certain extent, undoubtedly naive. But on the other hand, we were not indoctrinated by inside the beltway experience and our naivete may have, in that sense, stood us in good stead. I think it may also have lead some to underestimate what we might be able to do. But it is what it was.

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