CIA denials fail to stop JFK records lawsuit

“Plaintiff’s initial FOIA request sought all records related to three people allegedly connected to JFK’s assassination: Johnny Roselli, Jean Souetre and David Morales,”

via Prison » Kennedy Assassination Info Request Advanced.

This line caught my eye:

“The CIA told [plaintiff Anthony] Bothwell that no responsive records were generated for the three people.”

I thought: That’s not true.The CIA does have responsive documents.

Do the search yourself

David Morales
David Morales

In fact, a search of NARA’s JFK collection shows the Agency retains 61 pages of classified material on David Morales.

[In the complex search form, enter “NBR” on the first line and “David Morales” on the second. Then click “Display Results.” You will see RIF sheet summarizing the ancient CIA records withheld from public view.]

Morales was a CIA operations officers who worked in Miami in 1963 and died in 1978. Morales was known to boast that he had been involved in the killing of President Kennedy, although no such allegation has ever been proven.

The CIA says the Morales material is not relevant to the JFK assassination story and will not be released until October 2017.

The lawsuit continues.

From the National Archives online data base of JFK Assassination records


2 thoughts on “CIA denials fail to stop JFK records lawsuit”

  1. If such records exist (which they do as you have indicated), how can they be NBR AND FOIA-exempt as “intelligence sources and methods information.”?

    Sounds like double-talk to me.

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