5 thoughts on “CIA coverup admission continues to make news”

  1. I honestly wonder just much was McCone himself kept in the dark? It’s been well documented that the agency was pretty much a boy’s club and JFK brought in McCone to change that but clearly it didn’t work.

  2. If as the article states, “not being aware of these plots, the Warren Commission could not know that was something to investigate..”, then why did the Commission secretly hear testimony from Fidel Castro in an off-the-record interview with William Coleman. No notes were taken during the secret rendezvous, and only Earl Warren and one other investigator were ever made aware of it.

  3. How can this be? Photon assured me that the CIA’s behavior in Mexico City and elsewhere was simply a mistake…

  4. I finally read the full CIA article written by David Robarge. There doesn’t seem to be much new information so I’m not sure what’s driving the press releases

    The key points for me are:

    – McCone like, RFK and everyone else in the National Security establishment, chose to keep the Warren Commission in the dark on the secret war against Cuba/Castro

    – McCone concluded that the lead from Mexico City about Oswald being given money at the Cuban Embassy was false.

    – McCone may have been in the dark about Oswald’s possible role as a CIA asset while in Russia and contacts the CIA had with Oswald after he returned to the US

    – McCone concluded that Oswald alone killed Kennedy

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