Chapter 1 of Simpich’s ‘State Secret’ now available

“What some people don’t get is that the JFK story is about justice.”

So writes Bill Simpich in Chapter 1 of his new book, “State Secret: Wiretapping in Mexico City, Double Agents, and the Framing of Lee Oswald,”

This groundbreaking book is now available free from (I wrote about the preface to the book last September.)

As I wrote then, I”m a big fan of Simpich and his research. The documents he has discovered — and linked to — reveal in unprecedented detail how the CIA’ s station in Mexico City actually functioned in 1963. Few books in the literature of the CIA or JFK’s assassination have such granular documented detail about the often-concealed “sources and methods” of the agency.

Unlike Anthony Summers’ “Not in Your Lifetime,” this is not an introduction to the JFK a story. Frankly, it’s not a book for readers who are new to the JFK story.

This is a book for people who know the JFK assassination story well and want a deep — and fascinating — dive into one of the most of its most troubling chapters: Lee Harvey Oswald’s visit to Mexico City, seven weeks before President Kennedy was killed.

Read Chapter 1 of “State Secret” by clicking here.

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  1. Hello follow the bread crumbs..Lee Odom was in Daley Plaza on day JFK hit! He is tan jacket man roaming and looking nervous in RR yards immediately after assassination! In his address book he had Oswald’s pob info and telephone number of clay Shaw… Hopes this helps…. Shallow Throat.

  2. Mr. Glover: I read that you were Phil Och’s room mate in college. Was Phil in fact a paid security observer during the parade in Dallas? Who paid him? Was Phil known in 1963 as a singer/songwriter with leftist leanings? Your early band “the Socialists” with him doesn’t seem like a moniker that would win favorable attention by the FBI.

    1. William, I doubt My reply will go through but yes, Phil thought he was a security observer and was filmed in front of the Dal/Tex building and I was relieved to find a glimpse of him filmed on the corner of Elm and Houston as the limo turned left just before the shots. moree of the full story here:

    2. William Porter, I don’t know who was paying Phil but he said in 74 he was working with an up and coming young Air Force officer after I told him that some serious men in NYC came over and told me Kissinger was paying him. Yes the FBI did not like folksingers and Socialists but the FBI/CIA knew what we knew was important to know and of course cover-up. More info here:

      1. William, I guess I am not allowed to give addresses but look up my interview with Jeff J. brown on China Rising website.

  3. Two things make me think that Lee Oswald did go to the Cuban and Russian Embassies in Mexico city.

    It has nothing to do with photographs because the CIA did not want the public to know he was there because the reason he was there was to get a poison Cancer Bio Weapon into Cuba to kill Castro.
    Read Judyth Baker’s book.

    Now witnesses in the Cuban embassy saw Lee and so did 3 Russian KGB agents who interviewed him but did not believe his story and always suspected Oswald was a spy.

    Of course there were Oswald impersonators and confusion is the best cover-up method ever invented. So it was in the interest of the conspiracy to kill JFK to give false official records of Lee in Mexico because the truth would blow the whole lone nut theory. The CIA wants us to believe Oswald might be a Commie agent (Still secret records for “National security”) but the cover-up must use confusion to it’s advantage which this article explains the confusion is on purpose for many reasons… but now to cover-up the truth that Oswald was trying to kill Castro under US secret orders not defend him.

    Nothing else but this truth makes sense to me.

    1. Oswald’s alleged Cuban ‘mission’ might have even been a ploy to sheep dip the patsy for the Big Event.

      1. True and Hoover was curious about a Lee Oswald working for the get Castro groups in the US while Lee was in Russia. there were several impersonators and the WC dismissed all of the accounts on the brilliant assumption that he couldn’t be two places at once.

  4. 11-63 Bill Shelley’s ‘crew” was repairing and relaying plywood over badly worn 5th and 6th floors. Were they just nailing new sheets to fit on top of what was there, or were they removing actual flooring and laying new ? Only known survivor of this’crew” is Danny Garcia Arce, but where is he? Cannot find him.
    About 1998-9 when 6th fl. museum took over,entire floor was raised
    several inches (per The Girl on The Stairs/Barry Ernest). Was all flooring then removed, so that leaves the question” In the past 50 years has the 5th and 6th flooring ever been totally removed, and thus exposing the ‘ceiling space” from 5th floor ceiling to 6th floor flooring? (should be a stud/rafter space there.) Answer to this may discover or preclude answer to a mystery, involving conspiracy.

    1. Yes and isn’t it strange that the workers on the fifth floor were never asked or did not say they heard any fast moving footsteps above them but clearly heard the shells drop on the floor. The shooters real or decoys must not have been in any hurry. Also since AJ Weberman told me in 74 the driver of a car that picked up Oswald or a look-alike was connected to the FBI inTampa and his name was Lee Odom or maybe Odum… and there was an FBI Odum who interviewed Lee’s mom right after Lee was arrested. Now when I went to the library and looked up Lee Odom in Tampa he was listed as a floor finisher. Now AJ won’t answer any of my questions about him interviewing me on the same day Phil Ochs flew me in to LA for the Midnight Special show.

      Maybe Lee Odom was not a real man involved in the Book building or just to confuse me but the man, Lee, in the photo AJ showed me driving the car in Dealey was on the tour bus when he got off with others in Dallas about a week before Nov 22, 63 and two of them told me JFK would be killed and that I should call my dad, but for some reason AJ is not talking and the Midnight special utube of us singin changes has been removed.

      1. Linda Giovanna Zambanini

        Hi Jim,
        Fascinating comment… by Lee Odom, do you mean the same Lee Odum whose PO Box number was found in Clay Shaw’s address book? Or are you saying there was another Lee Odom from Miami who was an FBI agent or asset? The Odum in the Dallas FBI you’re thinking of was Agent Bardwell D. Odom.

        1. Thanks Linda, I am not sure about the Lee Odom mystery. Thanks for the Video of Mike Wallace interviewing a Lee Odom who was in Clay Shaw’s address book but not the guy I saw. Another thing I heard was in a Mcadam’s page that said Roy Truly only Keep Lee until the Assassination because they were not finished with the floors which connects Lee to the Floor finishing in a way. There is a Robert Odom in Lee’s Address Book too. There are mysteries about almost every claim and “Fact” in the records of this case which by itself Screams Conspiracy and that some secret group was always one or two steps ahead of the mob, Secret Service, FBI and regular CIA oil groups and my guess it would be Counter intel and it seems the controller of Oswald in Dallas was not George D. but Counter intel David Atlee Phillips.

          James Angleton’s office was above all the agencies and autonomous so he could do tests and tricks on anyone spying on the spys. Now they kept the Lee Odom, if that is his real name in my sites twice since 63 in Brandon Fl. Both times it seems he was in the company of agents but didn’t seem to recognize me, and maybe that is why I am still talkin’. Oh the Cuban embassy and that lady Durant is also in Oswald’s address book and AJ Weberman I think got this out.

  5. In my opinion, this is some of the best new writing about the assassination in a very long time. Presenting the book online with links to the documents is a great idea and shows the depth of the research involved. I hope the mentions on this site and elsewhere help this new book find a wide audience. Recommended.

  6. S.R. "Dusty" Rohde

    Just finished with Chapter 1….very impressive. Bill Simpich does his homework, and that is refreshing to see. This also ties up a couple of loose ends I hadn’t yet found explanations for, particularly the physical descriptions of Oswald and Webster.

    If the first chapter is any example of the remaining chapters, I would recommend anyone seriously interested in connecting the dots about the Mexico City mystery should read this book.

  7. Like Jeff says, this is really good stuff! The preface hooked me & I find myself continuously shifting down gears so as not to let the questions formulating get ahead of Bill Simpich’s story as he tells it. I’m anxiously awaiting when he gets into the suspected David Morales “piggyback” operation he wrote about in the preface.
    If someone wanted to give the impression Lee Oswald was an agent of the USSR or Castro (or both) desiring to return to his ‘home base’ what went on in Mexico was the way to do it.

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