C-SPAN to air ‘telling story’ from Oswald’s co-worker

Oswald’s co-worker reflects

A regular reader calls our attention to C-SPAN’s interview with Buell Wesley Frazier, a co-worker of Lee Harvey Oswald’s in November 1963. The interview, recorded at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas in July, will be broadcast this weekend

This reader says that the Frazier interview shows he “would not have been a good prosecution witness [against Oswald] given that he says ‘No way’ the rifle was in the package Oswald brought to work that day [November 22, 1963]. Package was too short.  ‘No way it would fit.'”

Frazier also reportedly says the Warren Commission was not interested in the truth.

In closing, the reader reports that “Frazier said it was best to stay quiet about the assassination out of fear of what could be done to his family. “
“This is a very telling story,” he says.
View the entire Buell Wesley Frazier interview here.


18 thoughts on “C-SPAN to air ‘telling story’ from Oswald’s co-worker”

  1. A Coke bottle was left in the depository. How could Oswald do tree things at one time. Buy a Coke, go to an upper floor and walk to Elm st. Besides if he was confronted by an officer in the depository with a gun pionted at him how could he go to another floor or to Elm st. Was there such a confrontation? Who was the officer? If he suspected something why would he leave? Did he see Oswald prepping? If he were a bad cop or “The Badgeman” was he there to pressure Oswald to carry out his assignment? Was “The Badgeman” officer Tippet? As far as, Mr. Frazier, did anyone testify to have seen him when was viewing the motorcade? Who? He purchased a rifle and a shotgun prior to the assassination. Ok, many people did. A very famous picture of the depository stairway has what looks like shotgun bb marks in the wooden wall and the concrete wall. I know, someone just picked at the walls with a pencil everyday and the workers swear to seeing Oswald and Lovelady doing it.

  2. Mr. Frazier is a nice Texas boy, ( young man in ’63 ) who said Lee was just a very nice young fellow who LIKED CHILDREN !!!! Hello !!! Lee destroyed 3 families that day, who had young children, including his own. Not a nice person, wake the hell up.

    1. At this writing, I see the video is unavailable. Was Frazier too close to the truth? He certainly was right about the WC. Those fellows HAD to make their “conclusions” to satify LBJ and John Edgar Hoover.

  3. I was curious when I saw his name on the list to speak at the conference. As I know he was last year at a presentation in Irving, was he still being shepherd by Hugh Aynesworth?

  4. From the recent AARC Conference, as reported by Jerome Corsi:

    Frazier also explained that immediately after the JFK shooting, the Dallas Police confiscated from his home a British Enfield 303 rifle that he ordered through the mail and a shotgun.

    “Two policemen interrogated me for hours,” he said.

    “It was like a military interrogation. They asked me questions for hours, and when they got tired, a second and a third set of policemen came in and asked me the same questions over and over. Before they let me go in, Captain Fritz came into the room with a typed confession he asked me to sign that had me admit I was part of the JFK assassination. I told him I wouldn’t sign it. But I was determined, and I wasn’t going to admit something I didn’t do.”

    Frazier explained that after the Dallas Police let him go home, they arrested him again and brought him back to the headquarters where they took mug shots, fingerprinted him and gave him a lie detector test.

    “I was frightened and I was scared,” Frazier said. “But I’m so happy I had the strength and integrity that I did not let them push me and say things that were wrong.”

    Frazier said that even today he still does not believe Oswald killed JFK, despite the testimony he gave the Warren Commission that Oswald brought with him a bag Oswald claimed contained “curtain rods.” The Warren Commission concluded Oswald used the bag to hide the Mannlicher-Carcano rifle he used to shoot JFK.

    “There was no way the rifle could have been broken down to fit in that package,” Frazier insisted. “I am convinced Lee Harvey Oswald did not bring with him a rifle to work that day.”

  5. Buell Wesley Frazier’s story is a pivotal aspect of the JFK Assassination. He is coherent throughout this interview.

    Stephen Fagin : “How was he carrying the package” ? (25:56)

    Wesley Frazier : “He was carrying the package”; one, ah, one end was under his armpit, and then the other one was cupped in his hands.

    Under his armpit could very well mean that the upper end of the package was not embedded in Oswalds actual armpit, but that it was held in place by Oswalds upper arm, and the end protruded beyond the armpit by several inches. This is the only logic that makes sense, and is consistent with the Warren Commission’s findings.

    Eyewitness testimony can be unreliable. And can also be misinterpreted by the reader. Wesley Frazier did not observe in precise detail which way Oswald was carrying this package because at the time it was irrelevant to him. As far as he was concerned it was just a brown package containing curtain rods.

  6. Yes, I believe this interview “blew up” in Fagin’s face, and Frazier seemed to take it over to make the following important points, some never before revealed before:
    1. He still insists he is not in any photographs, when he has clearly been identified in at least 6 or 7 Weigman slides. His story of being in the “shadows” is highly questionable, now that we know the top landing and entrance was remodeled from 3′ to a whopping 9′(via actual tape measure).
    2. He heard one shot from “in front of the limo”, then two more in quick succession.
    3. Tried to follow Shelley and Lovelady to the RR tracks but stayed at the entrance due to the commotion, at which time he saw LHO leave the building via Houston to Elm Street. Fagin then had to remind him about his WC story about him going to the basement to eat his lunch.
    4. Confirms he was at the Irving Professional Center to see his step father for only a “short time” – this still leaves close to 5 hours where he is unaccounted for on 11/22/63.
    5. Regarding the interrogations at the DPD that night: “Why can’t they accept what I’m telling them?” (44:22)
    6. Captain Fritz walked in with a typed statement for him to confess that he had knowledge of the JFK assassination. He read the first two sentences and protested he was not going to sign that (46:41). A red-faced Fritz raised his hand as if to hit him, to which Frazier reacted and told Fritz that even with cops standing outside, he would be sure to get a couple of good “licks” in and “you will remember me”. Fritz snatched the unsigned statement and stormed out of the room.
    7. Regarding LHO’s guilt; “I don’t know anybody who can prove that, it’s a theory.” (55:23)
    8. On the Warren Commission. “They already had their answers and weren’t interested in anything I had to say and they tried to make me change my testimony” (55:38)
    9. On Joseph Ball: “I ran into one of the sharpest attorneys I have ever seen in my life, Mr. Ball. He was good, but I could not accept what he was trying to feed me.”
    10. Still fears for the safety of his family.

    Indeed Buell Wesley Frazier seems to be getting bolder as he matures. Good for him!

  7. “No curtain rods were found”. Well that’s because they didn’t want them to be found, stupid!

    A nice chance to listen to what Mr Frazier has to say on the subject. I too, am sure he’d like to say more but he can’t, not only for his sake but for the sake of his family. God bless America, the “land of the free”.

  8. Interesting to hear from Mr. Frazier. I was in New Orleans a few years ago and visited Ripley’s “Believe It o r Not Museum.” Surprised to see Frazier’s 1954 car there, the same one he drove taking Oswald to work that morning. Frazier was so distraught after the assassination, he sold his car for $1.00 in 1964. Pretty interesting to look inside the car, worth a visit!

  9. It’s clear that Mr. Frazier is suspicious of the official story but doesn’t want to stick his neck out too far. His testimony reinforces several notions that don’t add up like the size of the package Oswald took to work and his view that the Warren Commission had already made up their minds about Oswald acting alone. Any apologist who is comfortable with the Warren Report has no credibility.

    Agree that Mr. Frazier is a man of integrity and his suspicions speak volumes.

  10. Frazier comes off as a man of high integrity.
    Would like to see him interviewed by someone who knows more about about specifics and details than the Sixth Floor Museum guy.

  11. I don’t know if it’s a lack of knowledge of the case or simply being overwhelmed at being in the presence of a historical ‘celebrity’ but interviewers of JFK ambush eyewitnesses continuously frustrate a global audience by notoriously failing to ask questions about issues they are curious or confused about. To date the Newmans have yet to be asked if they have seen the Zapruder film & does it represent what they witnessed or does it leave things out? Mr. Frazier’s dismal questioning followed a similar path, here is an eyewitness that saw activity behind the North pergola, what vehicles & objects were parked back there, & possibly could verify Lee Oswald’s alleged comments that his boss sent him home following the ambush or if he was somewhere in the vicinity of the TSBD doorway, yet those avenues were not explored.

    I sincerely hope all living JFK ambush eyewitnesses will communicate with the public via website threads or blogs as well as Y/Tube so the public can get answers to questions the interviewers notoriously fail to ask.

    This would be fairly easy to accomplish & would not wreck the eyewitnesses’ privacy.

      1. A multitude of controversial issues have occurred since the Warren Report was published in 1964 that the eyewitnesses that investigative body did question were not asked. As the public has learned more about behind the scenes events such as Operations Mongoose & 40, ZR/RIFLE, in addition to disclosures from the Clay Shaw trial, Church Committee, HSCA & AARB & everything in between more curiosity & confusion have arisen in the global public’s mind.

        Jeff Morley & the very few like him courageously & tirelessly working to broaden the public’s knowledge have an even tougher opposition from those seeking public ignorance are in an interviewer’s chair & they don’t ask the right questions to current issues.

        I just saw another waste of time at Y/Tube with the Dick Stolley interview: around 30 minutes & not 1 question about the missing limo turn, did Stolley see it in Zapruder’s office when Dan Rather was there claiming he saw it? Nothing about the tampering & fraud allegations made against the film by Doug Horne & other noted researchers either.
        The living witnesses, like all humans, are mortal. When lost, what knowledge taken with them is lost forever & cannot be replaced.

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