Brent P. Lyons visits JFK’s grave site

Brent Lyons with JFK

Continuing the Vince Palamare tradition, my FB friend Brent P. Lyons recently went to Arlington Cemetery here in Washington where the 35th president is buried.

It is a moving place with s wonderful view of Washington. I confess I haven’t been there for too too many years, and I have no excuse. It is a 20 minute ride from my house.

Brent’s picture reminds me to go again soon.

1 thought on “Brent P. Lyons visits JFK’s grave site”

  1. “Quick lesson in criminal law. What is a conspiracy?”

    Deep states are not concerned with criminal laws. A truth commission is more realistic.
    Perhaps a proper autopsy will uncover some mercury in the 35th president’d skull. Popular presidents are being exhumed in Latin America – Even the New York Times admits that the presidents were assassinated:

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