10 thoughts on “Boring Baby Boomer obsession”

  1. Gillespie states in the article:

    “Even though I’m technically a boomer…”

    Wait, Wait, Wait all he writes about applies to himself, also!!

    One major theme of the piece is that we owe it to our children – to give them breathing space to get on with their lives. Lives full of texting, and tweeting and the latest self-absorbed violent video game. Geez!

    He labels researching the the assassination as “repetition-compulsive disorder.” He remarks about the TV pre-emptions and “whole rainforests” being cleared – all in what he would have us believe is a great solipsist exercise. No, my health skepticism surrounding the murder of President Kennedy concerns the fact that real important questions were never asked or answered. This article does nothing to illuminate issues or answer any of the major questions concerning this case, but falsely attempts to blame the “Bad Boomers” for trying.

    What an insightful article. (NOT!)

    Sad really.

  2. I suppose World War 2 is just a “boring G.I. generation obsession” to some? How about our Revolution—just a fascination for “history buffs”? This is ludicrous.

    1. That’s right on JSA! Two types of commentaries turn me off immediately 1. The smug I know better than you Oswald acted alone debunking type article. Very tiresome.2. The Kennedy died 50 years ago, he wasn’t really that good of President Blah, blah, blah, get over it screed of Mr. Gillespie. I notice that almost all the best Authors and researchers are over 50 and feel it in the gut. One sure can read the difference. Also, you can’t get any further away from the Beatles,Playboy, Bob Dylan,The Rolling Stones, and so forth than LBJ and Dick Nixon.Somehow , this never makes it into these articles.

  3. Nick Gillespie’s stupid article is more about a generation gap between the ‘boomers’ & the one that hits on them for cigarettes & pocket change that have never been spanked at school. It’s also a good example of how drug abuse damages rational thinking.

  4. The Daily Beast website lost all credibility for ‘news’ recently when it defended Dylan Davies so-called Benghazi report after the Washington Post pointed out that his version as told to 60 minutes differed from the report he filed with his employer. The arrogant attitude of the writer, Nick Gillespie speaks for itself.

  5. Amazing.

    This Obamoid, Gillsepied “generation” — generation in quotes since there is almost nothing communal about them — trashing the “self-absorption” of the generation that created the civil rights movement, ended the Vietnam genocide, fought for equal rights for women, and began environmentalism? One needs to laugh, or throw-up.

    Perhaps Nick Gillespie his glorious self engaged in, between release of iPhone3 and iPhone4, that punchline known as Occupy, that brave, unself-absorbed movement which turned tail and disappeared at the first sign of pepper spray. And Nicky no doubt worked hard for Barack Obama, our great Progresive Hope — who turned out to be a Wall Street-sucking, Sequestering, Death Squad Commander.

    Gillespie probably still wears Obama tee-shirts. (Along with Che’s too, of course.)

  6. One reason there is still such interest in the assassination is that people’s common sense tells them that there is more to the story, and they are interested to know. The fact that the murder of John F. Kennedy was the murder of our head of state/head of government raises the issue to the highest level of importance.

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