Bill Kelly on the importance of the Air Force One tapes

“The Air Force One tapes are the black box of the Kennedy assassination,” says Bill Kelly in this interview with Black Ops Radio’s Len Osanic.

50 Reasons – Air Force One from Ocular Tip Media on Vimeo.

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Listen to the enhanced Air Force One tape from November 22, 1963, in four parts, as prepared by Primeau Forensics.

2 thoughts on “Bill Kelly on the importance of the Air Force One tapes”

  1. OK. I listened to the whole 4 parts….What is significant here are the missing parts. Are you tracing this down, Bill? Have they been destroyed? I think there is something that would/will have shown how the body was secreted off the plane.
    If a White House Situation Room military officer actually did mention Milteer’s presence/involvement in Dallas (as has been alluded) needs to be resolved…

  2. The aircraft radio transmissions could have easily been recorded on reel to reel tape in both scrambled or normal capacities from ‘listening posts’ within range. Recorded scrambled transmissions could be fed into de-scramblers later. Countries with a capacity to accomplish this that immediately come to mind are Cuba, Mexico, South America, Canada & the Soviet Union. A US President, Vice President & Presidential Cabinet all traveling by aircraft would be worthy of tracking by both friend & foe. One can imagine what a jewel in Castro’s crown it would be to publicize what was withheld from the American people immediately after their President was ambushed & murdered.

    If the C-130 pilots & loading crew that flew JFK’s parade car out of Dallas were working at Love Field with their headsets on as they waited to fly out of Dallas they heard some, if not all, of what is missing from the audio tapes today. They know just how damaged JFK’s parade car was & if it suffered any bullet holes through the windshield or not. Locating & interviewing this crew & their commanders they reported to when they returned to ‘home base’ is of high interest among several researchers presently searching for them via their flight manifest & other resources. If they are no longer alive there still is the hopes their family members, relatives & friends may have heard them describe their experience & can tell us what they heard & saw during & after Dallas. They may have personal photos of the parade car as it was placed & secured on the C-130, particularly if windshield damage was a flight safety concern.

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