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Andrea Skolnick is bringing the JFK story to the Facebook universe with her growing Release JFK Assassination Records Now! page. Unlike a lot of FB pages and JFK sites, this one is helpful to those who want to do something–not just jaw–about the JFK story,



  1. pete johnson says:

    Didn’t Frankie start this page? Doesn’t matter, in good hands with Frankie or Andrea. I am very much in favor of a page with the goal of getting people to do something-“not just jaw”. I do not believe I know all the in’s and out’s of FB, but it seems to me that we need to extend the reach beyond a FB page with like minded people-who hopefully are really willing to take action. I hope others are considering how to do both…this FB page and outreach.

  2. Darwin says:

    I don’t and will never use Facebook. Or any other site that collects data about you and your friends or relatives in an underhanded way.

  3. Andrea Skolnik says:

    I monitor the Release the Files page with Frankie Vegas.
    The original page was created by Bill Kelly a few years ago to promote the petition to release the files.
    THis group is an advocacy group to promote the release of files and not a discussion/ debate group.

    Frankie Vegas has created a few valuable groups on Facebook. She created the Operation Educate Tom Hanks group when he announsed that he planned to film Reclaiming History. This resulted in sending Mr Hanks 100s of emails and factual material and numerous copies of JFK and the Unspeakable as well as a CD of music

    I had been building a 150 page topic database and a digital cyber Warren Report where I planned to link all the data found through Freedom of Information Act requests to the published report to show the inconsistencies as well as what was learned after the release of the 26 volumes .

    I also built an online library listing my hundreds of books, videos and audio so that they can be accessed by researchers and a gallery with 500 graphics illustrating the words of John Kennedy that can be used on Facebook .

    My pages were recently removed by Facebook when my profile was reported as being fake and spam.
    I am rebuilding on Blogger.

  4. Whatever is necessary to keep the desire for full disclosure, truth, and justice alive is what MUST be done, and we must all do our part.

  5. Brian H. says:

    Great point Professor Brown! Btw I have been reading your JFK chronology as well as Bloody Treason I’m trying to keep them in sync to gain different points of view both have been Great reads so far!

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