Best new JFK website

For a snapshot of young America thinking about the assassination of JFK, check out

This is a polished website created by the students in an honors American History course on JFK’s assassination taught by Don Fulsome at American University in Washington DC.

I spoke to the class last week and came away impressed by the level of thoughtfulness. It’s clear these young people have grasped the complexities of November 22. I’m going to post some of the comments I received from the students in the days ahead.


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  1. The most compelling fact concerning conspiracy in the JFK assination is a simple one… The true records are locked until2038…

  2. I offer this observation: The comments made by the mother of the Boston suspects is eerily similar to those of Oswald’s mother after Dallas. Both claim their sons were set up by the FBI with whom they were in league. There were several instances before the assassination of “Oswald” causing public scenes that either annoyed others to the point that he was remembered or brought a police presence. Now we are told Tamerlan caused two outburts in his mosque that shocked attendees, and may be a suspect in a triple murder in Waltham two years ago (shades of the shot at Gen. Walker). Was Tamerlan being run? What is the role of U.S. intelligence in the Boston bombings? Is Operation Northwoods still up and running?

    1. Boston bombing – JFK assassination? Not eerily similar. Amateur hour vs successful conspiracy to assassinate the Leader of the Free World. Northwoods operation? Tsarnaev, unlike Oswald, is still alive and not suggesting he’s a patsy.

  3. If I were going to start a new JFK website, I’d research the existing documents and come up with a startling new idea. Write a book. Get invited to make a presentation at COPA.

    But when I set up my website, I’d lay out rules. Anyone can post a diary. Comments must be respectful and responsive.

    Problems on this blog, IMO, are (a) only Jeff or Rex can post a diary, and (b) comments are allowed to be disrespectful and non-responsive.

  4. Under the three shots section they say that many researchers now say that based on the study of the Zapruder film the first shot was a Frame 155.
    What researchers?

    Most experts I’ve read like Weisberg, Wrone, Roffman, McKnight—actual scholars on the case, put the first shot at around frame 190.

    1. Brian,

      I have certain doubts about the extant Z film’s authenticity. But the film does show an abrupt reaction (head movement) by JFK at Z-155. Then from Z-171 to Z-190, JFK continues waving and smiling.

      Michael Baden, M.D., said that if the SBT were not true, there were at least six shots at Kennedy from three different directions. I think he’s about right, including at least two missed shots.

  5. As a new, academic site for college kids, I guess it’s OK. Gus Russo v. Oliver Stone — we just present the facts and let you decide.

    I seriously doubt it’s going to plow any new ground.

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