Best JFK Web sites updated

I recently updated the site’s “Best JFK Web sites” page and created a separate page devoted to Best JFK Photo Web sites.

This is a work in progress. Let me know if I have overlooked any sites that you think belong on the list.


  1. Jonathan says:

    The Owen’s website is simply superb, except explanatory text covers some key areas of certain photos. But that’s a minor quibble.

    As for additions to the recommended list, I suggest “Assassination Science.” Yes, it gets into CTs of all sorts. But Fetzer, Costella, and Mantik are rigorous in their analyses.

    I know you believe the Z-film version to which you link on this site is a true copy of the original Z-film. Fetzer et al say it’s a fabrication. Anomalies aside, no version I’ve seen would be admissible as evidence in a trial. Too many question marks over what was camera original; too many chain-of-custody questions. Regardless, the extant film impeaches the Warren Report.

    • Eric Hollingsworth says:

      Are you aware that a fetzer is now in the Urban Dictionary as a claim with no facts to back it up?

      As far as the book “Assassination Science” is concerned, the only thing I found interesting was the analysis of the the Z-film that showed that the blink rate of the forward flashing lights of the limousine were out of sync.

      That is in accord with Weisberg’s contention that every third frame was excised from the Z-film (Whitewash I or II, I can’t remember). There are some who say that Zapruder’s Bell & Howell camera could only be set to a maximum of 18 point whatever frames per second, but I think those were only presets, and a boffin could get the camera to run at higher speeds. Come to think of it, I don’t think anybody has adequately refuted Weisberg, although Shaneyfelt said he only refrained from suing Weisberg at the behest of the FBI.

      Anyway, I’ take Fetzer with considerably more than a grain of salt.

      • Jonathan says:

        If one looks at the extant Z-film here one sees anomalies.

        • Eric Hollingsworth says:

          Probably the best place to view the Z-film is at the National Archives. Versions on the Net display weird foreshortening, are usually altered in some way, or have been “Groto-scoped” into a propaganda film.

          A look at unadulterated frames is also worthwhile.

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