5 thoughts on “Before the CIA jobbed the Senate torture investigation….”

  1. Surveillance, deception, deceit, obstruction, continuing secrecy…

    The CIA has sure gone through a lot of gyrations to protect information about a lone loser shooting the president from a building window.

    1. you said it bogman! Gee what type of gyrations would the 3 letter agency go through to protect information if it were not a lone loser, intimidation, threats to self, family or job, killing in the form of poison or suicide. All this and more in the agency’s own manuals. Interesting, Blakey is now(in the Boston Globe’s article) citing possible surveillance when he was at Dan Hardaway’s home. First I’ve heard of this. What else might Blakey not told us? Could be quite a lot. On a related topic on JFK Facts.org, maybe that is behavior by “that” agency is why Jeremy Gunn lives and works in Morocco and hedges some in his presentation. Maybe (for some) it’s the most realistic approach to take especially if you know what these two men (Blakey & Gunn) as well as Judge John Tunheim now know.

      1. That was my take on Jeremy Gunn as well. He knows the government’s story doesnt add up but he’d rather let others take the arrows.


    Many Lone Nut defenders (who also defend the CIA on this site) either don’t see (or close their eyes to) a pattern of CIA obstruction with legislators trying to get at the truth, be it foreign assassinations or domestic ones. It kind of reminds me of climate change (global warming) denial: One can argue that “It’s cold today in Toledo so there goes your global warming theory.” But that’s confusing weather with the overall climate PATTERN of global warming, which is proceeding along. I think the PATTERN of CIA obstruction is there, even though individual CIA people may have done good deeds and helped to protect our Republic over the years.

    This guy at the Boston Globe nails it (portion clipped from article below):
    “Some observers said the CIA has a long history of blocking congressional oversight of its activities.

    “I think there is a pattern,” said John Prados, a senior fellow at the National Security Archive at George Washington University and author of “The Family Jewels: The CIA, Secrecy, and Presidential Power.”

    He cited two congressional investigations in the mid-1970s of the agency’s assassination plots against foreign leaders and the arms-for-hostages operation known as the Iran-Contra Affair in the 1980s. In those cases, Prados and other historians allege, the CIA withheld information, spread false stories, or did not make available all witnesses.”

    1. My take is that the CIA knew more about the guy history calls Lee Harvey Oswald than it’s been willing to reveal and knows who was behind JFK’s murder. I believe the same was true of J. Edgar Hoover.

      Whether persons in the CIA or FBI had foreknowledge of the assassination is doubtful in my mind. There’s just no record of foreknowledge.

      I believe the assassination was the work of men who benefited from it both here and abroad.

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