3 thoughts on “JFK Facts takes on the NSA”

  1. Jeff,

    I just sent $100. Maybe I didn’t the other night.

    Anyway, are you sure JFK Facts is the only website that “defends free speech rights of people interested in JFK’s assassination….”?

    I like this site and offer you praise for maintaining it. That’s why I contribute to the cause, in a small way. I respond to your calls.

      1. Jeff Morley, Assuming I’m reading your response to Jonathan as intended, can you clarify precisely how jfkfacts is the only site actively defending free speech rights of people interested in JFK’s assassination?

        If other sites are under attack and yet they are not rising to the occasion, that is one thing. But it’s strange for you to make this claim … a claim that somehow seems to denigrate other JFK sites for their failure to defend their rights … without identifying just how your/jfkfacts rights have been under attack but other sites have or have not been.. A bit of clarification will be greatly appreciated. If you are isolating jfkfacts from the pack for a purpose, can you disclose that purpose?

        If you are intending to suggest that you/jfkfacts is on the front line of confronting the NSA program that is alleged to have been designed to infiltrate websites, including those focused on JFK, that is one thing. But to suggest that your site is the only JFK site that had the courage to confront infiltration smacks of marketing, and to suggest that jfkfacts is the only site relating to JFK that has been infiltrated is at best naive.

        In light of the (presumed) demise of Education Forum – a most recent hot topic on this site – I would think that active (former) participants at EF might well be justified in asking some questions. How has jfkfacts become the Knight in Shining Armor when so much was accomplished at EF for over a decade and yet jfkfacts has been in existence for little more than a year? And now, jfkfacts takes up the mantle, a lonely and courageous challenge, to defeat the NSA?

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